Our Story

A group shot of the Stretch Shapes' team members

At Stretch Shapes, we’re passionate about creating beautiful experiences.  There’s a lot of ways this passion articulates itself. Many of our team members were producing events before they came here. From local fashion shows, to corporate conferences, to international music festivals, most of us have been behind the scenes in one respect or another for quite some time. Because of this passion, we all found our way to the Stretch Shapes’ team- where we’re known for passionately producing outstanding event décor. We got our start in stretch fabric when our founder, Niko, started using it in his events. He had an event production company before Stretch Shapes, and was drawn to stretch fabric because of its versatility. As he used it more and more, he felt there was an opportunity to create a higher quality product. That passion for quality is what led to the birth of our company, and what has guided us ever since.

As our company has grown, our capabilities have grown with it. We have a highly skilled creative design team that works in the latest graphic and structural design platforms. We have a team of highly skilled seamstresses with decades of combined experience. When it comes to precision, our patterning department brings it to the table. Our aluminum fabrication department is made up of innovators and masters of their craft. We utilize the best tools available for producing our product, like dye sublimation printing, the best Juki sewing machines in the industry, and our Autometrix Radian CNC fabric cutter. We have a highly trained sales and service department that strives every day to ensure we provide the best advice and service to our valued clients.

It’s our passion that drives us- our passion for beauty, our passion for service, and our passion for people. We can’t wait to put that passion to work for you.