CNC Panel Wall Tiles

Stretch Shapes continues to innovate and move the needle with solutions from fabrics that stretch for AV and Live Design professionals. Our newest product, CNC Panel Walls are a ground-breaking product that will provide event professionals with the opportunity to design backdrops and ceiling treatments with ease.

Design made simple

Our pre-configured shapes and sizes allow you to design your CNC Panel Wall to fit the needs of your event without having to overthink the setup. Currently, we offer five distinct geometric patterns that include triangles, squares, rectangles, hexagons and diamonds. With each wall, you get to pick the size of the panel you want your shape to be cut in. Each shape is available in 6”, 12”, 2’ and 2.5’ segments. This provides even more creative freedom to bring to the table when designing your wall or stretch fabric backdrop or ceiling treatment.

What’s the difference between Panel Wall Tiles and CNC Panel Walls?

The biggest difference between the CNC Panel Walls and our Panel Wall Tiles is the Panel Wall Tiles are individual panels that are pre-assembled in our production facility with metal gate rings. Whereas our CNC Panel Walls are a complete wall with the pattern cut into the wall itself.

CNC Walls require no additional parts (other than the structure you’re mounting to), whereas our Panel Wall Tiles require additional attachment pieces like zip ties.

Want to see CNC Panel Walls in person before anyone else?

Stretch Shapes has teamed up with LDI at the LDI Trade Show and Conference in Las Vegas to display two 10’ x 30’ CNC Panel Walls. The two fabric walls will be front and center as you enter the trade show floor. Our display will be up from November 17-19 at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

How do I Install CNC Panel Walls?

We have designed these walls to work with pipe and base systems as well as truss structures. For your pipe and base systems, a sewn-in pole pocket is built into the perimeter of the CNC Wall. This provides stretch from all four sides to provide your wall with a wrinkle-free finish and a perfectly symmetrical grid.

For truss structures or similar, we sew in hook & loop strips that simply wrap around the truss and sticks to itself. Not only does this allow for an extremely quick and easy install, but it also removes the need for zip ties. This also reduces waste, cost and cleanup — all added benefits!

See for yourself!

Our team is on standby ready to provide you with any additional information you need to design your next event with our CNC Panel Walls. Feel free to use our lightning-fast online quote system to get an accurate estimate of what you need or pick up the phone and give us a call at 1.888.370.0202.

Stretch Shapes is headed to LDI

November is here, which means the LDI Tradeshow is coming up and Stretch Shapes is poised to make a huge splash at the annual tradeshow this year. From November 17-19, the Las Vegas Convention Center and parking lot are transformed into a live design professional’s dream come true. Over 13,000 attendees from more than 80 countries come to LDI to see the latest industry tech, learn new techniques, and replenish their creativity. This will be Stretch Shapes’ first time exhibiting at LDI and not only will we have a state of the art booth to welcome attendees, but we’ve stepped up our presence with a major sponsorship package that will include a brand-new product and a massive shade structure at the outdoor festival attached to the event.

Stretch Shapes sponsors LDI

While we may not be the biggest name among the 350 companies exhibiting, Stretch Shapes will be remembered. Just outside the Las Vegas Convention Center will be the second annual Live Outside event that includes a dazzling array of technology displays and demos for outdoor festivals and events, in a non-permanent concert setting.

To help transform this parking lot into a “festival” scene, Stretch Shapes has designed a one-of-a-kind shade structure that will house a beer garden and VIP attendees. This structure is 80’ long by 40’ wide and at its peak, a massive 40’ tall! The structure will be up for the entire weekend and is welcome to all attendees with an LDI pass.

A second addition to the LDI Outside experience that Stretch Shapes will be providing is a printed Flat Panel Sail that will showcase all of the LDI Outside sponsors. The 10’ x 10’ truss structure will be filled with the custom printed stretch fabric, while the truss will be covered with our Hook & Loop Truss Covers. The covers will be in a titanium-colored fabric to match the shade structure that will be just steps away from the sponsor wall.

So what about this top secret product Stretch Shapes is releasing at LDI? For that, you’re going to have to stay tuned! Our product announcement will take place at LDI and shortly after on our website. For those on our email list, you will get a sneak peek at what’s to come the week prior to LDI. Not signed up for the Stretch Shapes Newsletter? Sign up here and get the latest news and product announcements before anyone else.

Headed to LDI? Don’t miss ER Productions as they attempt a Guinness World Record for the largest laser show at 7:30 pm on Saturday, November 18th, on the LDI: Live Outside Stage right next to the Stretch Shapes Shade Structure.

Booth 2475

Ah yes, the part we are most excited about! After months of planning and research, we’ve compiled the best of what we do into a 10’ x 20’ booth. Our booth, #2475, is complete with our Fabrication Systems, stock products, custom items and an interactive area where attendees can cut their own truss cover from one of our Truss Rolls.

Of course the booth will also include lots of Stretch Shapes swag and product information for attendees who haven’t had a chance to experience our brand yet.

Can’t make it to LDI? Stay tuned after the event for a full recap on the event in an upcoming blog post.

Truss Corner & Base Plate Covers by Stretch Shapes

Over the past decade, Stretch Shapes has proudly become the #1 provider of IFR Truss Covers in North America. Whether it’s our printed Truss Covers or our standard stock colors, our coves have found their way into may events around the globe. Truss Covers, or truss socks as they are also referred to are only part of the solution when you’re trying to complete a finished look with a truss structure. This is where Stretch Shapes’ Truss Corner and Base Plate Covers come in to the equation. For each junction of truss or base, Stretch Shapes has you covered.

12" X 90° CORNER BOX TRUSS COVER90 Degree 2-Way Box Truss Cover

Building a goal post type display out of truss for your next event? Our 90 Degree 2-Way Box Truss Corner Covers are an effortless way to cover the corner of your goal posts and complete the finished look. These covers take little time to install thanks to our sewn-in hook and loop. They simply wrap around the 90-degree truss corner and secure with the hook and loop closures. As with all covers, these are available in any of our stock colors, including black or white and can be custom branded using our dye sublimation printing option.

90 Degree 3-Way Box Truss Corner Cover90 Degree 3-Way Box Truss Corner Cover

More complex truss structures will often have a 3-way split somewhere. Thanks to our 90 Degree 3-Way Box Truss Covers, you can now cover these junctions with ease, even after the structure is already installed. That’s due to our sewn in hook and loop along with a custom pattern that allows you to wrap the fabric around the junction and come together with the hook and loop.

90-3-way-t-12-box-truss-corner-cover-white90 Degree 3-Way T Box Truss Cover

Got a T in your setup? We’ve got you covered. Our 90 Degree 3-Way T Box Truss Covers also use a sewn in hook and loop connection to allow you to cover the truss, even after your setup is assembled. This also provides you with access to the truss if you need to run cables or rigging from the junction.

Base Plate CoversDon’t forget the Base Plate Covers!

You’ve taken the time and spent the money to cover your truss with our beautiful, wrinkle-free stretch fabric truss covers, but what about those ugly bases? Stretch Shapes’ Base Plate Covers are able to be installed in moments and finish the look you’re after. The covers simply slip around the truss base and connect with our sewn in hook and loop connection.

Printing on Stretch Fabric

Many of our clients order printed Truss Covers to match their brand experience at their event. You can complete your branded truss cover look by also having Stretch Shapes print your graphic on your corner covers as well.

All Stretch Shapes’ box truss corner and base plate covers secure with hook and loop closure and pass NFPA 701, CSFM Title 19, and ASTM E84, making them inherently flame retardant (IFR), just like our standard truss covers. They include a 3-year warranty and are machine washable! Even after repeated washes, your covers will hold their IFR rating.

Select from our variety of stock sizes online to make ordering quick and convenient. Don’t see the size you need? Give us a call at 1.888.370.0202 and we will gladly create a custom cover for your project.