Stretch Fabric Quick Walls

Quick Walls from Stretch Shapes

One of the biggest challenges for those in the live event industry is time management. Let’s face it, regardless of how much time goes into preparing and planning, somehow, we still feel rushed in the end. Lack of time creates an increase in stress levels which can often result in a decrease of production quality. At Stretch Shapes, we understand the importance of time management. This is why every part of our innovation process during our product development is centered around how easy the product will be to set up for the end user, without sacrificing quality. Our latest product release, Quick Walls, is exactly what we strive for when introducing a new product. It’s quick to set up, looks flawless when installed and meets several needs the industry is in high demand for.

Stretch fabric quick wall with white tension fabricGame Changer

When we decide to introduce a new product, we look at specific challenges facing the industry. One of those is a quick solution to dividing space or creating a massive walls that are multipurpose. Our Quick Walls, hence the name, are exactly what their name offers. A stretch fabric wall that can be set up in minutes, regardless of size, and unlike vinyl walls, provide a wrinkle-free service.

During testing phases, it was important that our Quick Walls could be set up and tore down within minutes. With a team of 2-4, these massive stretch fabric framed walls can be set up in under five minutes!

Functionality of Quick Walls

These stretch fabric walls are framed with pipe and base materials that we’ve adjusted in order to increase functionality of our product and provide little to no torquing like so many of our competitor’s versions do. In doing so, our Quick Walls can offer a variety of functions for the live event industry that was once unheard of.

• Modern room divider
• Step and repeat backdrop
• Red carpet backdrop
• Custom media wall
• Projection screen wall (front or rear projection)
• Trade show booth
• Press conference backdrop
• Photo booth backdrop
• Available in 16 color options including bright white or printed

How big can Quick Walls go?

The real question is, how big to you want? These fabric walls can essentially be as long as you want without a seam in the fabric. We’ve designed Quick Walls for clients that were 80’ in length and as small as 10’ in length. There are height limits however. For instance, any wall that exceeds 10’ in height will have a seam, with a max height of 16’.

printed fabric wall with gray and blue printPrinted Stretch Fabric

Design your own custom fabric wall with Stretch Shapes’ dye sublimation printing option. With a large fabric wall, you have the perfect opportunity to brand yourself in a way that was once extremely expensive and not aesthetically pleasing. Using stretch fabric creates a wrinkle free surface that will offer a perfect canvas for your artwork to shine.

Need help with graphic design? Our graphic design team is here to help. We can provide design assistance as needed and will always send you proofs before printing. Your proofs will include specific details of your project, the final layout and the Pantone color matching requirements if requested.

Stretch Fabric Certifications

We only use Trapeze Plus stretch fabric for our Quick Walls which is inherently flame retardant (IFR) and passes NFPA 701, CSFM Title 19 and ASTM E84 standards. Our stretch fabric will hold all certifications, even after repeated machine washing. This will allow you to use your Quick Wall at multiple events and get you the most out of your investment.

Nonprofit takes Stretch Shapes to Africa

Over the years, Stretch Shapes has created and built some extremely elaborate stage designs and custom event décor for clients around the globe. From large corporate events to the Panorama Music Festival in New York, New York, we’ve been at the forefront of some amazing projects. While being a part of these massive events is a thrill, some of the most rewarding work we do is with nonprofit organizations. Recently, a nonprofit organization called The Amani Foundation was on the hunt for a 15’ x 9.5’ projection screen that they could use at their Amani Children’s home in Kenya.

As with all our clients, we are always hoping to get back some images of the finished install so that we can share and showoff our talented clients, but this one was different. This wasn’t a fancy stage or perfectly setup backdrop. This was more than that. It was the opportunity for hundreds of boys and girls in Kenya to watch a film for the first time in their life. It didn’t matter that the screen wasn’t installed perfectly. It didn’t matter that the resolution on the screen wasn’t perfect. What mattered was the opportunity of a lifetime for these young children.

The expressions on their faces as they watched Finding Nemo was priceless and brought joy to every member of the Stretch Shapes’ team.

“Seeing those kids smile and sit in awe was as rewarding as any project we’ve ever done here at Stretch Shapes.”

– Niko Mantele, CEO and Founder of Stretch Shapes

Are you a nonprofit organization looking for Stretch Shapes’ products? As always, all nonprofit organizations are automatically eligible for a 10% discount off orders of any size.

The Amani Foundation is a nonprofit organization that exists to help organizations in developing nations bring life sustaining services to those in need. These organizations are all founded and run by individuals who live and work with poverty in their own country every day. Through financial, material and coaching support, The Amani Foundation is able to help these organizations have success in all aspects of their organizations.

Currently, the foundation has three main areas they focus on; education, clean water and sustainability. All officers, board members and staff at the Amani Foundation are volunteers and receive no compensation of any kind.

Want to help? You can donate to their foundation or sign up for their first annual Amani Invitational Charity Golf Tournament which takes place on April 24th, 2017.

Best Images of 2016

This past year was one of our best years to date here at Stretch Shapes and we thought it was important to recap the year’s success by showing off the best images of 2016. These are the best images, showcasing our client’s creative side and some incredibly innovating designs from our team here at Stretch Shapes.