The Photo Booth You’ve Been Waiting For

Photo Booth backdrops are everywhere. From vinyl backdrops to stretch fabric backdrops, a quick search online and you’ve got an endless number of possibilities to choose from. But how do you know which one is right for you and more importantly, how will it perform for your event? At Stretch Shapes, we understand the challenges and faults of many of the photo booth backdrops on the current market. So when we decided to launch our own version of one, we knew exactly what we needed to do to make the perfect kit for your next event.

Photo Booth Frame Kit

First thing we needed to do was incorporate a frame that was not flimsy, was easy to set up, portable and strong enough to hold up to the elements of a live event. There are a lot of plastic, expandable frame systems out there that come in at a relatively low price-point and work with stretch fabric. The problem is, they are too light and need extra support to stay put. Also, they are all one piece, so if by chance you break one of the tabs (which happens often), you’re stuck having to replace the entire frame. After careful consideration, we were determined to come up with a better solution.

What we came up with was a pipe and base system that meets all our requirements.

• Sturdy 1-1/2” aluminum tube frames for strength and durability – check
• Heavy duty 18”x 18” baseplates to ensure your photo booth stays where you want it – check
• Folds up small and easily transportable – check
• Can be set up in minutes – check

Photo Booth Stretch Fabric

Now that we knew we had a frame in place, it was time to focus in on what we specialize in the most – stretch fabric. For years, we’ve been America’s leader in stretch fabric solutions for live events. Now, more than ever, event producers need décor solutions that are easy to setup, affordable and can meet their event’s needs.

Stretch fabric or tension fabric as it is also referred to, meets all these needs, when done correctly. For safety and event certifications, we only use Trapeze Plus stretch fabric for our Photo Booths. This fabric is inherently flame retardant (IFR) and passes NFPA 701, CSFM Title 19 and ASTM E84 standards, even after repeated machine washing.

Installing your stretch fabric photo booth backdrop is just as easy as setting up the frame. Using our perfected pillowcase style, your photo booth scrim simply slides over the frame and zips into place along the bottom support bar. After install, the zipper is discretely hidden underneath the bar. In the end, you have a seamless and wrinkle free backdrop for your event.

Total installation time should take you no more than 3-5 minutes total. That’s including unpacking the frame from the included case that Stretch Shapes provides.

Dye Sublimation Printing

Although many of our stock 16 colors make for an excellent choice as a backdrop or green screen, our dye sublimation printing option allows you to customize your photo booth to anything you like. Our state-of-the-art printers produce photo realistic quality prints and can Pantone color match if required. With our printing option, you’re able to create premium media walls, trade show backdrops, press conference backdrops, event walls, step and repeat walls and advertising backdrops.

Our quick turn-around times ensure your backdrop is in-hand for your event. Currently, we offer two stock sizes including, our 8’x 8’ photo booth backdrop and 10’x’8’ photo booth backdrop.

Need a custom size backdrop? Check out our Quick Walls or give us a call today. Our fabrication team would love to help design any size custom backdrop you’re after.

32 Design Ideas with Stretch Shapes

Panel Wall Tiles On Sale Now

Panel Wall Tiles from Stretch Shapes have found their way into stages and event backdrops around the globe over the past few years. Now you have a chance to add them to your décor arsenal with our fist big sale of the spring season. These stretch fabric panel wall tiles are now 30% off retail price from April 3rd through April 11th, regardless of how many you need. So whether you’re looking to fill a 100’ backdrop or redo your church stage design, you’ll save big with our Panel Wall Sale going on now.

Six Styles to Choose From

Stretch Shapes’ Panel Wall Tiles come in six different variations. Our five 2D shapes include squares, hexagons, rectangles, triangles and diamonds. We have one 3D option for you to choose from that includes 3D squares. Each variation is available in multiple panel sizes so you can configure your wall to your exact specifications.

Contemporary Sets With An Edge

Panel Wall Tile grids are an excellent choice for anyone trying to design a unique stage or event backdrop. Our grids can be configured in a variety of ways and are designed to work impeccably with LED up or wash lighting.
If you’re looking to for a branding opportunity, our Panel Wall Tiles are a great chance to make an impactful statement when you choose our printing option. Print entire grids or sprinkle your graphics in throughout your wall for an organic and broken up look. All printing is done using state-of-the-art dye sublimation printing for bold and beautiful prints every time.
Consider upgrading your grid to include a projection screen fill that we can customize to any size Panel Wall. This is a simple solution when using your backdrop at an event where you need to project video onto stage, but want to incorporate other stage décor along with it.

Save 30% On Panel Wall Tiles

Retail pricing on our Panel Wall Tiles range from $15.00 per panel, up to $50.00 per panel for our 3D Squares. Thanks to our current sale, there’s never been a better opportunity to save money on your stage design.

Triangle Panel Wall Tiles (2’x2’): Retail $15.00, Sale Price $10.50 per tile
Diamond Panel Wall Tiles (2’x2’): Retail $17.50, Sale Price $12.25 per tile
Square Panel Wall Tiles (2’x2’): Retail $20.00, Sale Price $14.00 per tile
Rectangle Panel Wall Tiles (1’x2’): Retail $22.50, Sale Price $15.75 per tile
Hexagon Panel Wall Tiles (2’x1.73’): Retail $25.00, Sale Price $17.50 per tile
3D Square Panel Wall Tiles (2’x2’): Retail $50.00, Sale Price $35.00 per tile

Orders must be placed between April 3rd through April 11th to receive the sale price. For online orders, please use coupon code panelwall30 to receive discount.

Easy Installation

Save time and money by having Stretch Shapes pre-assemble your grid for you. Our team is more than happy to connect your tiles using our spring-loaded metal gate rings before shipping it to you – at no additional charge! Your grid will come completely ready to go once you receive it so all you have to do is install it where you need it. Most common installations of our Panel Wall Tiles are to box truss or pipe and base systems. We recommend discreetly securing your Panel Wall to the frame you choose with stage tie line or cable ties (not included). Our gate rings are currently available in silver or gun metal gray.

Hexagon-Panel-Wall-At-ConferenceStretch Shapes’ Fabric

All our Panel Walls are hand crafted in America from premium Trapeze Plus stretch fabric. This fabric is a 5.9 ounce, 90% Polyester and 10% Spandex stain resistant fabric that has been engineered for safety, durability and high performance stretch. Our stretch fabric is IFR or inherently flame retardant and passes NFPA 701, CSFM, Title 19 and ASTM E84 standards, even after repeated machine washing.

Don’t forget the fill and corner panels

With some of our shapes (hexagon, rectangle, triangle and diamond), you may need some additional fill panels for the perimeter of the area you’re trying to fill. We offer these smaller panels so you don’t have to worry about cutting or adjusting your dimensions. You simply add them to your order to complete your look.

Easy Ordering & Quick Lead Times

We are stocked up and ready to go for our big spring sale! Know your dimensions and what you want? Simply order online using coupon code panelwall30, and your order will ship out within 1-2 business days. As an added bonus, all orders over $100 will also receive free domestic ground shipping.
Really love the idea of designing your stage with Panel Wall Tiles but have some questions before ordering? Give one of our Relationship Managers a call today and they can guide you through exactly what you need to create your perfect backdrop and get you a quote on your project the same day. Phone orders will still qualify for the discount and receive the complimentary shipping if order exceeds $100. Hurry, sale ends April 11th.