Stretch Projection Screens


Does your projected images need to be a certain size? We can make you a screen, that when stretched out, will precisely accommodate your required image.  


Does the outside of your screen need to fit on a specific box truss, frame or wall space? We can make you a screen that stretches out to fit your required footprint exactly. 



Add Rigging Points

We can modify the number and placement of the rigging points that are  sewn on the perimeter and used for installing the screen. Rigging points can be as close as every 6 inches or as far apart as you like.


Rigging points are normally made from a webbing loop with a grommet through it, however you can specify no grommet for a simpler looking rigging point or opt for our Low Profile corners.







Truss Coverss

Truss Covers can be made to fit any size or shape truss system.  This includes adjusting the length of the cover and the shape that it fits around (e.g. 20.5" box, 12" x 18" rectanlge, 12" triangle or whatever tuss shape you have).  Whatever the size or shape we guarantee that our Truss Covers will fit perfectly stay in place with even tension.



Choose either Pull Over or Velcro On Truss Cover closures. Pull Over covers always look very clean and are certainly the more affordable option (we can add an end cap closure to any Pull Over cover).  Velcro On covers are great for when you need to install the  truss after the truss system has been setup. Velcro On also allows you to open the truss anywhere you need to install a clamp for a light or TV mount.




Flat Panels

We can adjust the size of any of our existing Flat Panel Stretch Shapes or make a custom Stretch Shape that fits your exact specification. When you receive the shape it will be slightly smaller than the area it's designed to fit into.   It will stretch out to be the correct specified size with relatively little effort and fit tight enough to not be saggy or wrinkly.   The maximum size we can make a single rectangle panel is 50' x unlimited length. For these large custom panels we supply extra gusseting at the corners.

Choose Standard corners made from nylon webbing & finished with a grommet for secure connection or choose to upgrade to our low profile 3 ply fabric loop corner. Low profile corners allow the corner rigging point of the panel to come to a more sharp and styled point. 


Design Assistance
We're able to design a stretch fabric concept for your exact needs and/or give product placement suggestions for any of our products. Our friendly and professional team has been working with stretch fabric for many years and has the ability to help you discover what can work best for your environment. We can work with 3D models, pictures, drawings and measurements of your space.

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