Custom Projection Screens

Screen Size – This is the measurement from corner point to corner point.   We can customize the screens width and height to meet your specifications.  Nearly any size screen is possible up to 40’ tall  x any size width.

Image Size – If accommodating a specific image size is what you’re after, we can make you a Projection Screen that will stretch out to accommodate your image perfectly.   Simply let us know the size of the image you need to accommodate and we will calculate and recommend the correct screen size for you.   

Custom Size To Fit Box Truss Frame - Many of our clients use box truss frames to support their larger format Projection Screens.  Let us know the inside dimension of your truss frame and we can easily customize a screen to fit.

  • Color Border – We can customize the color of the screen border using any of the colors in our collection.   This adds contrast and uniqueness to the panel.  Most commonly we see our clients asking for black borders.
  • Rigging Points – We can add Rigging Points (webbing tab with grommet) anywhere you would like along a border.  Rigging points can be as frequent as every 6”.    Each additional Rigging Point is +$4.00.
  • Black Out Backing –  If you have a window that may cast daylight from behind the screen we can add a second layer of white or black fabric to the back of a screen to create a black out screen.  This will allow very minimal light to pass through from the back.   




Custom Flat Panels

Size – We can make Flat Panels in any size up to 40’ wide x limitless length.

  • Shape – Nearly any geometric shape is achievable.     
  • Color Panel – We can change the color of the Flat Panel to any color in our collection.
  • Color Border – We can change the color of the double thick perimeter that borders every Flat Panel to any color in our collection.  This adds contrast and uniqueness to the panel.
  • Multi-color – We can make Flat Panels using different colors of fabric.  For example a triangle could be made up using smaller triangles of orange and yellow sewn together to create a sunburst. The options are limitless.
  • Border Width – We can change the width of the double thick perimeter that borders every Flat Panel. Typically panels with both dimensions fewer than 12’ get a 2” border and with one dimension over 12’ get a 4” border.  This border can be made wider, up to 24”.
  • Double Color Border – We can split a 4” border into 2 different colored 2” borders and sew them together.  This creates a very unique and exciting Flat Panel.
  • Rigging Points – We can add rigging points anywhere you like along a border.  Rigging points can be as frequent as every 6”.  Each additional Rigging Point is +$4.00.
  • Tension – We can adjust the tension of a panel to stretch out extra tight.  This can be helpful for applications where panels are being hung in a ceiling and minor drooping needs to be minimized




Custom Truss Covers


  • Length – We can make Truss Covers any length up to 300’ continuous.

  • Perimeter – We can make Truss Covers for any and all shape trusses.  This includes (but is not limited to) such odd sizes as: 12” x 18”, 13.7” x 10”, 30” x 20.5”, 36” x 24”, 20.5” triangle, 26” triangle and more.   
  • Sized To Manufactures Specs – Save time and eliminate potential communication problems by having us make truss covers to fit directly from manufactures specifications.  Simply submit the truss manufacture and model number and we will generate a quote.
  • End Caps – We can cap one end of the cover so it makes it a truss sock.
  • Openings – We can add finished openings along edges for inserting ”O” or “C” clamps or monitor mount clamps.  Finished openings are $4.00 each.  You can save money by using a razor knife to cut in your own openings (stretch fabric is inherently rip stop and will not run).   
  • Zipper – Instead of using Velcro for closure we can use white or silver zippers.  Zipper closures add $4.00 per foot to the price.
  • Circle Truss – Although we don’t list it on our website, we’ve made many Circle Truss Covers for our clients.  We usually make covers in groupings of segments just like your circle truss.  Each truss segment gets its own cover.  In addition, we can also make seamless Circle Truss Covers that are available with opening for attaching chain or cable through.
  • Color – We have very nice colors to choose from in our Trapeze Plus collection
  • Multi-color – We can make Truss Covers using different color variations of fabric on the same cover.  For example you could have a Box Truss Cover with each 4 walls being a different color.  The options are only limited to your imagination.
  • Heavy Duty Covers – We can make extra think and durable covers using Trapeze ES heavy.  These covers are extra thick and will not show as much light through.
  • Lower Cost Covers – Save 30% off all of our list prices by having covers made from 5.5oz NFR Texture Stretch.  This fabric performs much like the Trapeze Plus we use for our normal covers.  The biggest difference is the fabric does not have any flame spec certifications.  This fabric also has a very subtle texture which looks very nice, and can be seen up close.