Proper Handling

To avoid smudges when setting your stretch product up, always handle with Nitrile gloves (included) or the equivalent. Even if you think your hands are clean, they may leave a slight smudge mark when you’re putting tension on the product to set it up. 


Larger Stretch Shapes™ have the potential to touch the ground during installation. Take precautions to make sure your shape never drags on the ground or makes contact with the floor.  If you are concerned with your ability to keep the fabric up off the floor at all times purchase a roll of painters plastic or a tarp you can lay down to protect the shape from dragging.



Stretch Shapes™ products are very easy to store correctly. Most of our products can fold down to a very small size.  All of our products come with a plastic storage bag for short term storage. If you need to store your stretch shape for an extended time period, we recommend you purchase one of our synthetic drawstring bags. 


Start by removing all hardware used for mounting (i.e. screws, line, eye hooks, etc) as they may damage the fabric if stored in the same bag. Next neatly fold your product, place it in the bag, and store it indoors in a moisture-controlled space. 


When you're ready to use your product, take it out of the bag and stretch it out. Almost all wrinkles from storage will stretch out when your Stretch Shape is installed. If deeper wrinkles persist, simply put Stretch Shapes in the dryer on low heat for a few minutes and they will come out wrinkle free every time. 


Light Cleaning

Dust is the biggest enemy of permanently installed Stretch Shapes™. The easiest way to clean panels that are installed is to shake them off by batting them with some sort of wand. If the tension fabric has hand prints or light soiling, dab clean with a slightly moist rag and little bit of clear soap. Pat dry with another towel to avoid discoloration or moisture rings.  We have seen a variety of stains lifted from our products with relatively little effort.  All of our products are IFR and will retain flame resistance certification after light cleaning.



Deep Cleaning

When it’s time to clean up your stretch products and return them to pristine condition simply machine wash on warm/cold cycle with detergent and Oxi Clean. Tumble dry on low heat. Material will dry very fast. We have seen customers heavily use white shapes such as Truss Cover or Flat panels and return them to like new condition after laundering.  All of our products are IFR and guaranteed to retain flame resistance certification after deep cleaning.



Cleaning Fabric Columns

To clean Stretch Shapes™ Fabric Columns; start off by popping out the cross shaped PVC, this will reveal an internal hoop that is connected together with a bracket.   Use a Philips head screw driver to carefully remove the closure screws.  Pop open the hoop and slide it out of the fabric pocket.  You can do this same procedure for Columns that have internal rings like our 3-5 ring Columns.  Once you have all the hardware removed from the Columns machine wash the fabrics on warm/cold cycle with detergent and Oxi Clean. Tumble dry on low heat.   Stretch fabric will dry very fast.  Once fabric has been laundered put the hardware back into the fabric.   All of our Columns are IFR and guaranteed to retain flame resistance certification after deep cleaning.