Printed Full Moon Circle Screens

Create beautifully branded framed circle screens by having Stretch Shapes print on any size of our Full Moon Screens. Whether you’re branding or creating an artistic piece for your stage décor, printing on our Full Moon circle screens is an excellent opportunity to personalize your event.

Size and Shape

Our Full Moon circle screens are a perfect circle with no unsightly borders or unfinished edges. This allows you to use the entire screen for print. Choose from any of our stock sizes ranging from 4′ to 12′ in diameter.

Design and Proofs

At Stretch Shapes, we take a lot of pride in our attention to detail. Our graphic design department is here to help and can help with any design assistance you may need. All proofs will be sent for your approval before printing. The proof will accurately display what your outcome will look like and/or the Pantone color match requested. Before sending us your graphics, please review our graphic requirements.

Color and Resolution

We are your #1 pick for premium large format printing on stretch fabric or tension fabric. Our state-of-the-art dye sublimation printers print onto the fabric at 150 dpi which is very high for dye sub printing. We also do Pantone color matching for those that need specific colors.

Fabric and Frame

All Full Moon circle screens include a aluminum frame that quickly connects to form a perfect geometric circle. For our circle stretch screens, we use a 5.9 ounce IFR stretch fabric. This specific fabric is thick enough to not be transparent in static mode or when lit from the front. The stretch fabric will easily slip over the frame and zip into place with no wrinkles in the fabric.

Lead Time

Standard lead time for any printed item from Stretch Shapes is 10 business days. If you need your product sooner, we do offer 3 rush options. Delivering your product on time and exactly to your specifications is extremely important to us.

Three Full Moon stretch circle screens shown in store front for branding purposes


Multiple circle stretch screens with lightning bolts printed on them for stage decor


circle stretch screens with clouds and airplanes printed on them.