Printed Panel Wall Tiles

Create a uniquely branded backdrop of printed Panel Wall Tiles that add a contemporary edge to any stage or trade show booth. Print a company logo in the center of each tile to really highlight your message. Consider printing on every other tile or even peppering them in throughout the backdrop to give an organic and broken up look.

Size and Shape

Print on any of our stock size offerings, or have a custom size made specific to your needs. We offer printed hexagons squares, rectangles, diamonds, and triangles.

Design and Proofs

Our experienced graphic design department is on standby waiting to help you with any design assistance you may require. We will deliver proofs for your approval that accurately display the final outcome of your design and/or the Pantone color match requirement.

Color and Resolution

Stretch Shapes is your #1 pick for premium large format printing onto stretch fabric. We use new, state of the art dye sublimation printers for all our work. They print onto the fabric at 150 dpi which is very high for dye sub. As well, we have Pantone color matching capability for your most stringent corporate clients.


We do most of our printing on a 5.9 ounce IFR stretch fabric. This fabric is thick enough to not see through in static mode or when lit from the front. When lit from the back, light will pass through. We also offer a thicker 8.15 ounce stretch fabric. This is a good choice to ensure less disturbance from back light challenges.

Lead Time

The standard lead time on any of our printed goods is 10 business days, however, we offer 3 rush options if you need it faster. We take our lead times seriously and are ready to delivery on time and exactly to your specification.

Repeating panel wall tiles with Nike symbol and Just Do It printed onto the tension fabric

Panel wall tiles with geometric shapes printed onto the stretch fabric

Two colorful printed panel wall tiles with large white stretch fabric circle screen in the middle.