Full Moons

Full Moon GalleryFinally, a solution to framed, stretch fabric circle screens that doesn’t include unsightly borders or unfinished edges. Our Full Moon stretch circles are the cleanest, most finished tension fabric circle screen on the market today. With multiple rigging options available, the possibilities are endless. Our screens are a perfect geometric circle, so you’re able to create beautiful scenes using video mapping and stage lighting effects when you choose our vertical rigging option. Our horizontal rigging option is great in architectural installations as a light diffuser or ceiling décor.

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Full Moon circle screens are available in 6 sizes, from 4′ diameter, all the way up to a 12′ diameter. These multi-purpose stretch screens are made to fit on the included aluminum tube frames with no wrinkles in the tension fabric. The Trapeze Plus® stretch fabric we use is IFR (inherently flame retardant) and designed to slip over the frame, zipping into place like a pillowcase in a matter of seconds.

Printed Full Moon Screens: Now with our dye-sublimation printing process, you can turn your Full Moon Circle Screen into an artistic branding tool that can be used for years to come. Print on one side of your circular projection screen or both. Start your custom Full Moon Circle project today.

  • 4' white circle projection screen also known as full moon

    Full Moon Circle Screen 4′ Diameter

    Starting at $335.00 Select options
  • 5 foot diamete circle screen covered in white stretch fabric

    Full Moon Circle Screen 5′ Diameter

    Starting at $400.00 Select options

    Full Moon Circle Screen 6′ Diameter

    Starting at $480.00 Select options

    Full Moon Circle Screen 8′ Diameter

    Starting at $650.00 Select options
  • FMCS10DW

    Full Moon Circle Screen 10′ Diameter

    Starting at $760.00 Select options
  • 12 foot full moon circle stretchy screen

    Full Moon Circle Screen 12′ Diameter

    Starting at $950.00 Select options