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Stretch Shapes is the nation’s #1 leading supplier of premium Truss Covers. We deliver on time and exactly to your specification. We put care into what we do and guarantee our covers set up wrinkle-free, have a perfect fit, and stay in place securely every time. Truss Covers are available in a pull over style that works like a sock or hook & loop closure that wraps around the truss. We also sell these stretch fabric coverings by a cuttable roll for large jobs with variable coverage needs. Made from high-performance IFR Stretch Fabric, it easily masks truss or diffuses light when lit with an internal LED. Join the nation’s leading AV companies and discover why our precision-crafted Truss Covers are #1.

Pull Over Truss Covers

Pull Over Truss Covers

Glides over truss like a sock and stays securely in place with tension.


Hook and Loop Truss Covers

Hook and Loop Truss Covers

Wraps around truss perimeter and closes with hook & loop.


Pull Over Truss Cover Rolls

Pull Over Truss Rolls

Simply cut needed length and slide cover over straight or circle trussing.


Hook and Loop Truss Cover Rolls

Hook & Loop Truss Rolls

Simply cut needed length, wrap around straight or circle trussing, and close with hook and loop.


Corner Covers

Corner Covers

Don’t leave the truss corners exposed! We can cover 2-way, 3-way, or 4-way corners.


Base Plate Cover with Truss Opening

Truss Base Plate Covers

Cover up those unsightly base plates with a cover that easily slips on and hides imperfections.


Truss Banners

Truss Banners

Create custom-branded banners that mount onto or wrap around your truss structure.


Printed Truss Covers

High-resolution graphics printed on high-quality stretch fabric Truss Covers.


Turn Any Truss Into Chic Decor

For the most immersive experience, live event professionals cover their truss

  • Be the creative hero when you use your pre-existing truss for a variety of purposes
  • Create a cohesive event with matching truss covers throughout
  • Turn a truss structure into an aesthetic event tent
  • Customizations are as unlimited as your imagination
Black Stretch Fabric Truss Covers For A Formal Wedding

Beautiful Dye Sublimation Printing

Turn any truss into event signage or branding opportunities

Branded Yellow Stretch Fabric Yellow Truss Covers For Outdoor Event

Ordering & Pricing For Printed Truss Covers

Custom Printed Pricing:

  • 12′ Pull Over Box Truss Covers: $31.70/foot
  • 20.5′ Pull Over Box Truss Covers: $52.10/foot
  • 12′ Hook & Loop Box Truss Covers: $35.90/foot
  • 20.5′ Hook & Loop Box Truss Covers: $54.50/foot


  • Contact us for templates and art requirements
  • Most Printed Truss Covers ship within 8 business days
Start your project now:
Start your project now:
Wood Plank Printed Stretch Fabric Truss Covers

Additional Info


All our Truss Covers are made with premium IFR Stretch Fabric. This stretch fabric, or tension fabric as it is also referred to, is inherently flame retardant (IFR) and is engineered for safety, durability, and high-performance stretch. The fabric is made with 90% polyester and 10% spandex, allowing you to install your Truss Cover with ease. For the ultimate light-reducing capabilities, reach out to your Relationship Manager to add a Light Blocking Liner.


Stretch Shapes is the most trusted manufacturer of eye-catching custom printed truss covers. Use your truss as branding opportunities, directional markers, event information, or event signage.

We’ll print your graphics using a proprietary reverse-warp process. Our process allows us to print any graphic on stretch fabric without distorting the image. You can count on printed fabric that looks perfect even when it is fully stretched out. Through our printing process, we can achieve rich, photo-realistic prints onto your Truss Cover. We can also do Pantone color matching upon request.

Please review our graphic requirements, before sending us your artwork.


You’re unique and so is your order. To purchase a custom size, shape, or printed Truss Cover, please contact our sales department via our toll-free number or use our online quote system. Our team here at Stretch Shapes can turn any size order of custom or printed Truss Covers around in 8 business days. Wait, you needed it yesterday? No problem! Check out our rush options to see how we can make it happen for you.

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