4 Ways to Mitigate the Coronavirus’ Impact on Events

Coronavirus has been making its way around the world, and regardless of your location, most people are starting to feel the implications. With Coachella announcing plans to postpone until October, it’s no secret that live events, conferences, and festivals have been feeling the impact of COVID-19.

Bizzabo put together a thorough, commonsense guide, filled with practical information specific for managing and marketing events impacted by Coronavirus; we recommend checking it out if you’re still considering how to handle your event! We were so inspired we decided to take it one step further and put together some items and tips to help you – whether you’re going digital, staying the course, or on stand-by until the event gets closer.

Check out the quick list below for recommended products, cancellation alternatives, and discounted rush fees, so we can help you manage changes and stay within budget!

1. Go Virtual

If a digital alternative is possible, switching to a virtual conference is the easiest way for the show to go on, while still minimizing the risk of exposure. Although attendees won’t be able to attend in person, you can still create a wow-worthy environment using green screen backdrops and video projection.

Host a digital conference using green screens

Green screens for virtual eventsGreen screens for virtual eventsGreen screens for virtual events

2. Add Printed Signage for Event Guidelines & Wayfinding Signage

For the shows that must go on best practices and sanitary measures are at the top of mind, especially for attendees at live events and large conferences. Keep guests informed of event rules and wellness guidelines by adding printed signage and locational posts.

Put healthy habits at the forefront with printed signage

Quick wall for printed signageTruss covers for printed signageBorderless graphic panel for printed signage

3. Project Updates, Statuses, and Related Information

With updates being released hourly and event attendees wanting to stay in the know, take charge of keeping people informed. Use projection surfaces to share details such as healthy reminders, information on how event coordinators are taking action, or news and media updates so event attendees know you’re conscientious of their concerns.

Keep attendees up to date and in the know with projected displays

Borderless projection screenFull moon circle screenBorderless projection screen

4. Take Advantage of Low to No Rush Fees

Not sure when or if your event will happen? We understand that Coronavirus outbreaks mean uncertainty around events and that means you may need items rushed – which is why we’re dropping rush fees! For a limited time, we’ve slashed our rush production fees, so you can stay within budget and still get your items on time. While other companies are raising fees, we’ve dropped them on both production and printing, so be sure to check out the rush page for more details.

Coronavirus corrupting event timelines? To aid, we've dropped our rush fees so you can get it fast and stay within budget. Only for a limited time!

Whatever you decide to do, we’re here to help you! AV and Event professionals are experts at handling last-minute event changes, but COVID-19 adds a new facet of changes and concerns. Please contact us so we can help you determine the best, most cost-effective plan of action, whenever your event ends up happening!

Our team is working ahead to make sure we’re ready for your events. Even if you’re planning an event that is still TBD, we can help you create a tentative design and order so you’re ready when the decision is made.