Amazon; Now Offering Stretch Shapes™


The Convenience of Amazon meets the Superior Quality of Stretch Shapes™

Amazon, with Amazon Prime, is an extremely convenient way to shop in the 21st century. As an innovative company, Stretch Shapes™ cannot sit on a company website alone. We are battling it out on Amazon to prove that we offer the most superior products for the best price possible to give our end customer the best value on the market. We are currently offering a sale on our two best selling Truss Covers on Amazon here and here. With that, we will also be offering periodic Amazon Prime sales, to ensure the best prices possible to our clients, and to help receive ratings mirroring our dedication. It is common knowledge that people price check items online before buying, so Stretch Shapes is beating its own prices! That being said, we still offer our traditional price match guarantee that is detailed on our site.

Why Amazon?

As Stretch Shapes™ continues to grow and develop, we have been listening to our customers and learning from online shopping habits of people in general, and have discovered that Amazon would be an excellent partner for Stretch Shapes™! They do sell everything from A to Z so we decided to jump in. We have started with a few more popular products like Truss Covers, and are looking to expand our Amazon product listings.

Will still exist?

Absolutely! We pride ourselves with outstanding customer service and offering the best quality products on the market. Our online shopping center is always expanding with new innovations and we always invite you to contact us for your truly individual product needs.

Share your Feedback!

We take our customer feedback very seriously and want to continue to listen and act on all feedback. Studies show people are less likely to share positive experience online, so we would like to invite you to take a couple minutes and share any experience you may have had with Stretch Shapes™. This will help us continue to offer exceptional service and products and allow us to increase the amount of products offered for your convenience on Amazon.