Blockout Graphic Stretch Fabric

For all Stretch Shapes products offering printed blockout options, we use the Blockout Graphic Stretch Fabric. The fabric provides 100% blockout and zero frame shadowing, due to a one-sided black blockout layer. The Blockout Graphic Stretch Fabric can be ordered in sizes up to 9.75′ high x 24′ wide, and will stretch in length and width to the size ordered. Capable of high resolution printing at 150 DPI, this fabric is perfect for dye-sublimation printing and Borderless Graphic Panels.

This fabric is flame-retardant, REACH Compliant, OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100 Certified, and passes NFPA 701 flame certification standards.

Fabric printed with text Fabric printed with a graphic Fabric printed with a corporate logo Fabric printed with an abstract pattern