Church Budget Screen Solution

Venue: Church
Services Provided: Custom Hook & Loop Panel
Client: Soul City Church

Soul City Church, a Chicago-based church, was looking for a large projection screen that a socially distanced congregation could easily view. However, most large projection screens are pretty expensive, and Soul City Church was looking to keep this within a budget. With a bit of guidance, they decided to build their own frame from 2×4’s and have Stretch Shapes create a projection-friendly material that would wrap around the frame.

These custom solutions are called Hook & Loop Panels. A stretchy strip of loop is sewn into the fabric, and a roll of the stick-on hook is sent along to secure to the frame. Pro tip: if connecting to a wood frame, staple the stick-on hook strip to ensure a strong connection. Once the strip is applied to the frame, the only thing left is attaching the Hook & Loop Panel to finish the large-scale projection screen.

For the fabric, we used our IFR Stretch Fabric, which is winkle-free, stretchy, and easy to work with. To ensure bright and even lighting across the surface, we added a second layer of black fabric on the back to reduce the light that passed through the fabric.

In the end, Soul City Church was able to make their own wood 16′ x 9′ frame and apply a Hook & Loop Panel to create a budget-friendly and large-scale projection screen their entire congregation could view.

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