Framed Circle Screens Now In Stock At Stretch Shapes

Full Moon Circle Screens Ready To Ship

Stretch Shapes continues to innovate and design stretch fabric solutions to suit your needs. Our latest product, Full Moon Circle Screens are a multifunctional screen that includes a frame and stretch fabric as an all-in-one solution, unlike anything else currently on the market. Framed goods in general have lacked the precision and detail that our Full Moons, or circle stretch screens possess.

Stretch Fabric or tension fabric circles, stretched onto 1 inch aluminum frames. Hung from ceiling on a stage behind performers.Beauty meets Function

The clean finish and shape of our screens allow you to be extremely creative with them. Whether you’re a stage designer looking to construct a video mapping scene or create some amazing lighting effects, our new circle screens provide a beautiful solution to your set design.

You don’t have to be a stage designer to find use for our Full Moon Circle Screens. We also include a horizontal rigging option that allows these screens to be also used in architectural installations as a light diffuser or ceiling décor. Mix it up with our many sizing options. Our new circular projection screens are offered in six different sizes from 4-foot diameter, all the way up to a 12-foot diameter.

Save Now
To celebrate the launch of our new Full Moon Circle Screens, Stretch Shapes is offering a 15% discount on all sizes of the screens for the month of December. Please use coupon code FULLMOON15 to receive discount. Offer expires on December 31, 2016.

Perfection Counts

These new projection screens are the most finished and cleanest looking tension fabric circle screen on the market today. No longer do you have to include unsightly borders or unfinished edges around your screen. Our Full Moon Circle Screens include a seamless faced 2 ply pillow case with a low-profile zipper that discreetly closes along the top edge. Once installed, the fabric stretches to be wrinkle free for a gorgeous projection screen or light diffuser.

As discussed earlier, our new projection screens can be ordered to hang vertically or horizontally. This is in large part thanks to our tiny and discrete eye hooks. Through R&D our team here at Stretch Shapes was able to engineer our frames and tension fabric to allow for these tiny eye hooks to work perfectly with either install. While our competitors still use the large, unsightly mounting hooks, it was important for us to come up with a solution that would keep these hooks discrete, yet strong enough to hold up on our large frames.

The screens include a 1” diameter aluminum frame that simply clicks into place for a quick install. The fabric then simply slips over the frame and zips into place like a pillowcase. For our Full Moon Circle Screens, we only use Trapeze Plus® stretch fabric that is IFR (inherently flame retardant) and will remain so, even after repeated deep cleaning.