NEW: Dye-Sub Printed Truss Covers

We’re pushing the envelope of possibility with this unique addition to our collection of Truss Covers. New Printed Truss Covers work in conjunction with the most common sized widths of stage truss, ordered by the foot or meter, to produce pristine, wrinkle-free, branded totems.

Dye-Sublimation Printing

Dye-Sublimation printing in such a large scale is a new technological art that we sit at the forefront of, creating continuously innovative and new products. The state-of-the-art printers that we use have a much higher resolution than older models allowing for crisp and brilliant graphics. The IFR Trapeze Plus® stretch fabric is the whitest fabric on the market allowing for exceptional color transference without any unwanted tint seen with other “white” fabrics.


There’s a large amount of unused branding real estate on stages waiting to be unlocked. Printing on Truss Covers is a fantastic way to utilize either owned, or rented, stage truss to create branded totems. Create an efficient, large scale, promotional experience without spending extra on proprietary structures.


These Truss Covers are also extremely portable and made to standard sizes as to fit perfectly on cross rented stage trussing for mobile events of all capacities. Traditional vinyl banners become wrinkled, especially with travel; so make Printed Truss Covers the solution for a smooth, finished, look every time even after multiple uses.

The Process

Our digital printing department is standing by to help digitally master and create your branded Truss Covers. After contact, the designer will provide a truss cover template and inform you of the art requirements (ideally vector based graphics). There’s a $65 layout fee should you require our services for creating the graphics. Once the art is submitted, we’ll go to work designing the proof document to be signed and confirmed prior to printing. This large format dye-sublimation printing will take a total of 10 days to complete and ship.

Detailed Specifications


In summary, these new Printed Truss Covers:

  • – Mount to your existing stage truss
  • – Provide wrinkle-free complete coverage
  • – Take advantage of prime advertising real estate
  • – Fit all standard truss sizes at any custom length
  • – Pass NFPA 701 Small Scale, CSFM Title 19 and ASTM E84 standards

Get the most out of your budget with Stretch Shapes™ and contact one of our digital print designers today for your instant quote.