Perfection is Everything

Merriam Webster defines a perfectionist as “a disposition to regard anything short of perfection as unacceptable.” At Stretch Shapes, we believe there’s only one way to manufacture our products – with perfection, precision and on time. When you create products for a visual industry, flaws have a tendency to stand out more than usual. From a poorly printed logo to an unsightly wrinkle in the stretch fabric, these things get noticed and are simply unacceptable by Stretch Shapes’ standards.


Our Stretch Fabric

To meet our standard of quality, we had to select the type of stretch fabric that we could stand behind. While it would be less expensive to use a lower quality fabric, the end result would be a lower quality product that would not hold up to our standards. Through years of research and testing, we’ve selected the best stretch fabric in the industry, the Trapeze Plus® High Performance Stretch Fabric.

The Trapeze Plus® is 90% Polyester and 10% Spandex. This allows it to have an extremely high stretch memory and recover to its original size more accurately when tension is relaxed, while also minimizing wrinkles and dimples. The fabric is engineered for safety, durability and high performance stretch ratios. So regardless if it’s one of our top-selling truss covers, projection screens, flat panel sails or a massive custom project, our fabric will hold up for years to come.


You can’t demand perfection without the proper equipment to complete the job correctly. Stretch fabric or tension fabric can be a bit tricky to work with, but when you’re using the best Juki digital sewing machines and serges in the industry, you can set standards of perfection that allow you to rise above the rest. Our stitches don’t fail and look clean on our finished products so that you can have peace of mind and have the option to reuse your goods over and over.

“Sewing machines that meet your needs to achieve perfection.” – Juki Corporation

One of the latest additions to the Stretch Shapes arsenal is our Autometrix CNC fabric cutter. This has not only sped up our ability to produce goods, but has also improved our accuracy, meaning less waste and fatigue on our employees. One hour of work with our Autometrix CNC fabric cutter is equivalent to about 12 hours of hand-cutting! Adding this cutter has not only streamlined our cutting process, but it has also allowed us to save on materials, while improving accuracy, precision and repeatability. In the end, this means lower costs to our customers, all while keeping our standard of perfection.

“Fast is fine, but accuracy is everything.” – Wyatt Earp

Juki sewing machines at stretch shapesDye-sublimation is the best and most accurate way to print onto stretch fabric. It allows us to print beautiful graphics in rich color onto any of our complete lines of stretch fabric. The end result is a powerful visual branding tool with crisp graphics that are true to color with Pantone matching if needed.


We are a team of enthusiasts and innovators with a passion to create beautiful experiences for our customers. Our team members have compiled decades of experience in the live events industry such as fashion shows, international music festivals, corporate events and everything in-between. Being perfectionists doesn’t slow us down, it drives us to be the best at what we do. We’ve set a standard that is shared with every member of our team. Whether we are brainstorming a new concept, designing a custom project or putting the finishing touches on a printed design, our process pushes us to perfection, every time.

Whether you’re planning a new stage design for your church or large music festival, creating an event for a corporate gathering, or designing a custom project, it’s important to work with organizations that share a common goal. Working with Stretch Shapes means you’re not settling for good enough. It means you’ve landed at the intersection of creativity, fabrication, design and perfection. It means you’re working with Stretch Shapes.