Almo Professional AV

Venue: Almo National Sales Meeting and E4 AV Tour
Services Provided: 2D Forms and Panel Wall Tiles with printed insert
Client: Almo Professional AV

Big shows at multiple events require products that can break down small, be set up easily, and perform the way they are intended to. When Almo Professional AV came to Stretch Shapes, several ideas were passed around to get the right set up for a series of upcoming events.

Almo, “the nation’s most advanced commercial audio-visual distributor,” was after something impactful that could be branded and customized. The goal was to design a modular event stage that would serve as the backdrop for their National Sales Meeting, with the option to use separate, individual elements at events along the E4 AV Tour.

Stretch Shapes created 3D mockups for the Almo team to review, ultimately deciding on a design that included 2′ x 2′ Square Panel Wall Tiles. The 24′ x 14′ wall also included a 4′ x 4′ printed panel insert for custom event branding. The stage was accented with four pillowcase-style 2D Forms in 4′ x 6′ and 6′ x 9′. The variety of sizes and shapes added depth to the stage design, with three printed items to include company and event branding.

After the conference, the team set out for the E4 AV Tour; with additional fabric skins on-hand for the 2D forms, they were able to update distinct messaging and branding for each event. The Panel Wall Tiles were also reused on the tour, swapping out new printed inserts specific to each show.

Products that are lightweight, easy to set up, and manageable to transport is a crucial part of creating sustainable design. With these modular items, simply changing out the fabric skins with new printed skins allows Almo to create up to date, branded designs for each show. The ability to reuse and repurpose items also helped to retain value in their initial investment, while continually impressing audiences along the way.

Whether you need a robust stage set design for a large conference, a series of products for a variety of events, or some combination that allows you to reconfigure elements as needed, Stretch Shapes can help you create flawless, sustainable designs for your event and budget.