AMEX Experience

Venue: Panorama Music Festival
Services Provided: Ceiling and wall treatments for the AMEX Experience
Client: Dynamic Productions

This was our second trip to the Panorama Music Festival in New York City. This time we headed out at the request of our client, Dynamic Productions, who contracted Stretch Shapes to assist with the install of the American Express AMEX Experience. As the title sponsor of the event, American Express was looking to create an exciting experience to fit the energy of the festival and give attendees an exclusive experience. The area attracted more than 15,000 visitors over the three-day festival, where fans could create custom sunglasses and 360° light-painting photos and share their experience on social media.

Dynamic Productions, working with Momentum Productions, contracted Stretch Shapes to complete the entire ceiling treatment of the enclosed area. After initial discussions, it was clear what the client was after and how Stretch Shapes could help. Using our IFR Stretch Fabric, we were able to create a perfect fabric ceiling that was brilliantly lit at night and looked stunning in the day. To attach the fabric to the metal structure, we used our industrial rubberized stick-on hook that securely attached to the metal structure, while the sheets of stretch fabric were bordered with stretch loop to connect to the hook strips. The end result was a flawless, wrinkle-free fabric ceiling.

Having Stretch Shapes orchestrate the install resulted in a smooth set up that only took 12 hours, using four team members and three ladders. In fact, the ceiling looked so good after install that the client requested Stretch Shapes to continue the look throughout the walls of the structure. This required some quick work on the Stretch Shapes team back home. However, we were able to pull it off by completing the patterns, sewing them together and overnighting them to location on Randall’s Island Park in New York City!

This project was a prime example of how reactive the Stretch Shapes team can be. With team members on the ground, getting the project set up and communicating directly with the client, we were able to identify additional needs that made a big impact on the activation at the event.