Church Live-Streaming Virtual Backdrop

Venue: Virtual Live-Streaming Service
Services Provided: 30′ x 9.6′ Custom Printed Quick Wall
Client: New Work Fellowship Church

When the whole world was quarantined in their homes, church services needed to find new ways to reach their congregation.

New Work Fellowship Chuch was one of the first to respond by creating a live-streaming service that could be broadcasted into the homes of their members quickly. To reduce visual background noise and to make the live-streaming service look it’s best, they ordered a Printed Quick Wall that was 30 feet wide and 9.6 feet tall. The custom printed backdrop featured woodgrain artwork, a large logo in the center for brand recognition, and aesthetic appeal.

All the streaming videos that where released to their congregation via streaming cropped off this floor and the ceiling to just feature the beautiful Quick Wall in the background. This resulted in a very professional and aesthetically pleasing video service that was both on brand and on point!

The bonus? As quarantine ends, this virtual backdrop will be used as part of their Church Stage Design.