Cubatron, Jr.

Venue: Multiple events in Omaha, Nebraska area
Services Provided: Custom metal fabrication and stretch fabric
Client: Sonburst Communication

Our previous project with Sonburst Communication was a massive 3D wall reaching nearly 100’ in length. Needing to fill more needs for smaller stages, Sonburst reached out to Stretch Shapes looking for a fresh design, only slightly smaller. The goal was to have 3D wall that could be used at corporate gatherings that could video mapped and mobile. Using our Laser Tech system, which incorporates CNC cut aluminum plates, we were able to create a structure that was lightweight and completely modular. Each end could be removed or reconfigured to provide a fresh look for each production. We then wrapped the structure in our heavier weight, white stretch fabric to prevent frame shadowing and light coming through. The end result, which was dubbed “Cubatron, Jr.” was a 30’, 3D video mapping structure that will now give Sonburst multiple options when they need to present an idea to a client.