Venue: Multiple events in Omaha, Nebraska area
Services Provided: Custom metal fabrication and stretch fabric
Client: Sonburst Communication

Sonburst Communication is video production and event planning organization based in the Midwest. For over 15 years now, Sonburst has been creating high-end presentations for clients around the globe. Their goal in reaching out to Stretch Shapes was to have large-scale, 3D wall built that could the backdrop of client presentations. Using their concept, the Stretch Shapes team was able to construct a 99-foot long, 3D wall with an opening for people to walk through. “Cubatron,” as it was named, was a completely aluminum frame structure that was designed with ease of set up and high function in mind. The structure was wrapped in our heavier weight stretch fabric to produce no frame shadowing and attached using our hook and loop system. The wall has been a huge hit with their clients. Using different themes and video mapping, the wall is able to accommodate several types of presentations for their clients.