EDC 2017

Venue: Las Vegas Motor Speedway
Services Provided: Custom Flat Panel Sails & Truss Covers for information booths
Client: Insomniac

Working with Insomniac is always a privilege as they currently produce some of the most immersive music festivals in the world. EDC Las Vegas attracts over 150,000 festival-goers from nearly every section of the globe and the biggest artists in the industry. With an event this size, it’s important to have properly marked information booths that attendees can quickly spot and identify.

Generally, when you think of an information booth, you don’t get too excited as they can tend to be pretty boring. However, this is EDC Las Vegas and nothing is boring at EDC! Using our Digital Green IFR Stretch Fabric, we were able to design custom shapes and truss covers that brought the information booths to life. The booths were strategically placed around the grounds of the Las Vegas Motor Speedway in order to be visible from nearly anywhere you were. At night, the fabric was brought to life with some clever lighting, while during the day, the bright fabric alone was enough to catch the attention of those looking for information.