Esto Frame Covers

Venue: Sheraton conference center, Chicago IL
Services Provided: Custom 3D Esto frame covers with open back
Client: Event Design New York

The 2017 ANA Media Conference needed a contemporary stage design that was able to handle multiple brands, accept projection mapping and stage lighting. The client came to us with an idea to incorporate their existing Esto frames, but was unsure as to how to properly cover them in a projectable stretch fabric.

For years, we’ve manufactured Truss Wrap Projection Screens. These screens attach to your existing box truss using hook and loop connections and can be made to any size. Using this concept and with the client’s design specs, we were able to create 29 screens in different shapes and sizes that were essentially just like our Truss Wrap Screens. The fabric was able to connect to the frames with sewn in hook and loop that made install quick and easy. The result was 29 flawless screens that installed quickly and wrinkle free.