Esto Frame Covers

Venue: Sheraton Conference Center, Chicago IL
Services Provided: Hook & Loop Panels (Side Mount)
Client: Event Design New York

When Event Design New York was preparing for the 2017 ANA Media Conference, they needed a contemporary stage design that would be versatile enough to display a variety of company brands. In addition, they also needed a stage set that would accommodate lighting and high-resolution projection mapping. 

With a large inventory of Esto frames, they wanted a way to convert the frames into a quality projection surface. Familiar with stretch fabric and with an idea in mind, they reached out to see what we could help them create. 

Originally inspired by our Truss Wrap Projection Screens and the hook and loop connection system, our creative design team was able to apply the same concepts to creating an all new product — Hook & Loop Panels

With clear design specs from the client, we designed 29 screens in different shapes and sizes. The sewn-in hook and loop mounted to the sides of each frame and made installation quick and easy. The wrinkle-free screens provided a flawless surface for high impact projection mapping and rotating company branding. 

Using their existing frames in combination with customized stretch fabric covers, this modular design has been easy to repurpose and reconfigure, maximizing versatility. Since the 2017 event, Event Design New York has rearranged their frame collection to create unique, new setups for a variety of events, making the Hook & Loop panels a cost-effective option with a high return on investment. 

Hook & Loop panels are a fantastic solution for anyone with existing frames to cover. Whether you’re interested in creating a projection surface to use over and over again, or a series of printed images that can easily be rotated, these panels are a high impact way to elevate the items you already have.  Start shopping Hook & Loop Panels now!