Trade Show Booth at InfoComm

Standing out at trade shows, conventions, and industry events can be a challenge, especially amongst a sea of booths and business professionals. At Stretch Shapes, we know that you have mere seconds to catch the attention of attendees, so planning for the annual InfoComm Show was the perfect opportunity for us to put our products to work.

InfoComm is the “largest professional audiovisual trade show in North America,” and with thousands of companies and products on display, we needed something bright, bold, and innovative. With so many products to choose from, we decided that more was better! Why limit our showcase when there are so many items that can work together in a cohesive, eye-catching display?

Planning for the June event started the December prior, allowing everyone in the organization to get involved at various stages in the process. From large brainstorming sessions to feedback on design ideas, it was one of our most expansive team efforts yet. The goal: provide a comprehensive, inviting area where event attendees could see, touch, and learn about as many products as possible.

Choosing which products to include was based on a combination of flagship products, such as our Borderless Projection Screens, Flat Panel Sails, and Truss Covers, while also including some of our new and visually intriguing items, such as the event arch, Vector Grids, and a Borderless Graphic Panel, which served as a hanging sign above the booth.

Items such as the Quick Wall, which is commonly referred to as a “trade show wall,” and Full Moons, the circular projection screens, were incorporated due to their high applicability to trade shows and industry professionals. Including a combination of projection and dye sublimation printing, which demonstrated the high-resolution, photorealistic capabilities of both printed and projected graphics on our stretch fabric.

With over 10 products on display in one 20 x 20 booth, our Creative Design Team went to work, putting this all together in a cohesive, organized display. Utilizing renderings with a high level of detail made it possible for the team to visualize the finished booth, while making necessary edits to refine the overall look. The final design would also serve as a roadmap during setup, ensuring that the real booth was as stunning as the rendered design.

When event time arrived, our team of 3 was able to complete the setup in two half days. The on-site rigging team was needed to hoist the large, Borderless Graphic Panel as a sign above the booth, but no other assistance or outside setup was required to complete the install. When it came to striking the booth, it only took a few hours for the team of 3, making the post-event takedown, smooth, quick, and stress-free.

The high performing booth had superb results, while also supporting other goals for the show. Products on display appealed to attendees, giving them an opportunity to touch, feel, and interact with both the items and the Stretch Shapes team. The smooth setup and strike allowed the team more time to focus on the main event – networking with other companies, interacting with curious professionals, and generating future leads.

With over 40,000 event attendees and twice as many leads as the year before, this colorful showcase of Stretch Shapes products was a definite success. Event favorites included the custom printed event arch and the Vector Grid with colorful stage lighting. And, due to the reusability of all our products, these items can easily be reused and repurposed, either as individual elements or the fully replicated booth.

Whether you’re an occasional trade show vendor or a regular exhibitor at industry conventions, Stretch Shapes can help design booth materials, help you find the right products, and create an eye-catching display for all of your trade show needs. Happy show time!