Services Provided: Custom Fabricated Tent
Client: MKTG & Lyft

Lyft is known as one of the most popular on-demand transportation companies, providing ride-hailing services in nearly every city across the country. As the Lyft brand sweeps the nation it threatens to defeat their competition due to creative and continuous marketing efforts. From festivals to pop-up events, Lyft is showcasing its brand at any opportunity. With any branded event comes the need for branded materials, and that’s where Lyft turned to MKTG to create a catalog of branded products that can be used at events suitable for brand activations.

Among all the branded materials needed, a reusable dome-like tent was a critical piece. Lyft was inspired by the Coleman Point Loma tent and was looking for something similar that incorporated the Lyft look and feel. To find the best manufacturer MKTG tasked two companies with the design, fabrication, and printing of a tent and then conducted a side by side comparison. As you might guess, Stretch Shapes was one of the two companies entrusted with the Lyft tent creation. The test between the Stretch Shapes tent and the other tent was hardly a test as Stretch Shapes surpassed the competition’s tent in the areas of fabrication, fabric, print quality, branding, aesthetics, and ease of installation.

The frames for the tent were made from aluminum for a lightweight and durable construction. Additionally, each frame piece was white powder coated for enhanced aesthetic appeal. Rounded 18” base plates with black powder coating were custom made to accompany each tent for added stability. To create the unique dome shape of the tent, custom fabricated corner brackets were made to ensure the tent performed to the highest potential while keeping its form. When all custom fabrication was said and done, the end result was a 12’ x 12’ x 10’ tall dome tent covered in Stretch Shapes IFR (inherently flame retardant) printed stretch fabric.

Of all the winning features this tent had, one of the most notable was the ease of installation that Stretch Shapes is known for. Stretch Shapes provided MKTG detailed instructions with pictures which were so helpful that MKTG decided to add the instructions directly into the catalog used by Lyft. With a winning solution in Lyft’s hands, MKTG felt confident that Lyft’s brand activations across the country could now be cohesive, easy to set up, and reusable!