Pandora Summer Crush Music Festival

Venue: Microsoft Square | L.A. Live
Services Provided: Printed flat panel sails and truss covers
Client: Stoelt Productions

Creating environments full of color and positive energy has been a staple of Stretch Shapes since the beginning. So when the opportunity came to help create a large-scale, colorful environment for the 2016 Pandora Summer Crush festival in downtown Los Angeles, we were all over it. The goal of the project was to turn a massive truss structure into an area where folks could shop, cool off and explore the festival’s extras. Our team worked closely with the client, bouncing ideas off one another and after nearly 25 different concepts, the result was magnificent. We were able to cover the entire truss system with our truss covers that we had printed using our dye-sublimation printing process. This covered the metal of the trusses to give them a clean, finished and colorful branding tool for the festivals. But what about the shade? The team used our large flat panel sails to stretch across the top of the structure. Using a mixture of our colors, the end result was a beautiful structure that was full of life, offering fans a place to hang out, relax and catch some cool shade.

This project was an excellent example of how communication, collaboration and team work can turn an idea into a finished product that meets everyone’s expectations.