Prestige AV – Custom Arches

Venue: Varies
Services Provided: Custom Event Arches
Client: Prestige AV & Creative Services

After 30+ years in the AV and Event industry, event designers at Prestige AV & Creative Services know a thing or two about staying ahead of the curve. And when it comes to stages, they know that flat backdrops and dull stages are the arch enemies of compelling design.

Priding themselves on providing top-notch service, “The Prestige Way,” they’re always on the lookout for intriguing, customizable products. Having worked with Stretch Shapes before, they were familiar with flagship products such as Flat Panel Sails, Printed Truss Covers, and Stretch Projection Screens, so when they saw a design that incorporated large, swooping curves and high-resolution video projection mapping, they knew it was a design worth investing in.

Inspired by a custom made arch for an awards ceremony stage, they wanted to modernize the concept and elevate their idea to the next level. The updated plan increased the arches from 1 to 3 and included different sizes that “nested” into each other for a seamless, sequential pattern.

In order to maximize versatility, they chose the bright white stock fabric, which would provide a brilliant, wrinkle-free surface for lighting, projection, and video mapping. The blank canvas packs down small and makes it easy to personalize after setup, two key factors that make it possible to reuse the product over and over again.

The result was three custom event arches that stood in perfect ratio to each other and a stunning backdrop that stole center stage! With the addition of lighting and video mapping, the high-resolution visuals flawlessly complement the overall event design.

Since then, the custom arches have become a huge hit, both for Prestige AV and for Stretch Shapes. As an event production company, Prestige AV has been able to reuse the products repeatedly, while still making them look novel and personalized for each event.

Continuing to build their Stretch Shapes product library, Prestige AV has also become fans of 2D Forms and Full Moons. Both items utilize a pillowcase style, in which the fabric skin wraps and zips around the included frame for quick, easy setups. Perfect for dye sublimation printing, these products can be reskinned with new fabric and fresh prints so updates are simple and cost-effective.

Whether setting the stage for a special event or ceremony, creating printed backdrops, or looking for sustainable, reusable event designs, Stretch Shapes Custom Projects, event arches, and other products can offer the revolutionary, stretch fabric solution you’re looking for!