Stretch Shapes at LDI 2017

Venue: Las Vegas Convention Center
Services Provided: Shade Structure, Sponsor Wall, CNC Panel Wall, Booth
Client: Stretch Shapes and LDI

Exhibiting at your first trade show can be quite intimidating. There’s a booth to plan, travel arrangements to be made, training to be done and of course all the trivial things that seem to come up last minute. For Stretch Shapes, simply exhibiting for the first time at the LDI Conference and Trade Show in Las Vegas was not enough. We wanted more.

“The solutions we offer stretch further than a 10’ x 20’ booth would allow. We wanted to go big with our first show and really showcase what Stretch Shapes can do.”
—Niko Mantele, CEO & Founder

Working with the team at LDI, Stretch Shapes was able to coordinate several sponsorship opportunities that provided just the kick we were looking for.

LDI Outside Shade Structure

Go big or go home. That was our goal going in and with that in mind, why not design a massive shade structure that would host LDI Outside attendees right next to the big stages? We wanted to design a shade structure unlike anything that we had done prior that would incorporate several layers, depth and be aesthetically pleasing from all angles. The result was a joint effort with AG Light and Sound and Stretch Shapes. Using our design and mockup, AG built the complete structure out of their truss, while the Stretch Shapes team was able to come in right after and install the fabric for the shade structure. Although heavy winds pounded the Las Vegas area for the first couple days of the install, the structure stood tall and was a major attraction to the LDI Outside Experience.

LDI Outside Sponsor Wall

If you’re sponsoring a big event like LDI, you want to be noticed. Using our proprietary reverse-warp technology — which allows us to take an art file and manipulate it so that when printed onto fabric it appears distorted, but looks perfect when stretched — Stretch Shapes created a 10’ x 10’ sponsor wall that was the first thing visitors were welcomed with as they entered the LDI Outside area. We also completed the structure with our titanium-colored Hook and Loop Truss Covers to match the titanium-colored sails used in the shade structure.

CNC Panel Wall Photo Booth Backdrop

This was a big one for us because this was the first time our CNC Panel Walls were revealed to the public. In fact, the product was honored with an “Honorable Mention for Best Debuting Product” at the LDI Award Ceremonies. We stacked two 10’ x 30’ CNC Panel Walls together on the same base plates to provide a dimensional backdrop that was the background for the photo booth area. The team at Elation Lighting provided the lighting for the display.

The Booth

Last but not least, our booth. With a 10’ x 20’ area, we knew we had to get creative to be able to show off as many products as possible. We used a 10’ x 20’ Quick Wall as a divider and informational backdrop. In front of the Quick Wall we placed a custom wall that our fabrication team built for the show. This wall housed several products and a TV with a slideshow displaying our various projects. In the end, the show was an enormous success for Stretch Shapes.

That’s a wrap from LDI 2017; see you in October 2018 at next year’s show.