Stretch Shapes at LDI 2018

Venue: Las Vegas Convention Center
Services Provided: Serrated Shade Structure, Custom Fabric Spider, Booth Design
Client: Stretch Shapes and LDI

Trade shows bring together the best of the best and when it comes to grabbing the attention of the attendees, the competition is fierce. Not only is it a place to see market trends and opportunities, it’s the ideal place to display your company’s unique goods and services. And that’s just what Stretch Shapes did at the record-breaking 2018 LDI Trade Show.

LDI (Live Design International) is held annually and connects design, technology, and production to the live audience experience. It’s unlike any other trade show, to say the least. With attendees looking to create larger-than-life live experiences, larger-than-life demonstrations were a must. Knowing this, the LDI trade show converted their parking lot into LIVE Outside where industry professionals have space to demonstrate their larger-than-life products.

LDI Outside Spider Structure

To participate in this larger-than-life theme, Stretch Shapes became a proud sponsor of LIVE Outside in addition to the traditional booth participation.

Our first contribution to Live Outside was wrapping a ginormous spider structure in our IFR Stretch Fabric. Standing at 35′ tall, each of the spider’s behemoth legs were 20′ wide and spanned over a space of 124 feet. The entire Spider Structure was wrapped in Stretch Shapes’ colorful IFR Stretch Fabric which was striking in daylight and equally mesmerizing at night.

LDI Outside Serrated Shade Structure

Our second contribution to Live Outside was designing a shade structure to host a beer garden for VIP attendees next to the stages. The Serrated Shade Structure was designed to incorporate several layers, have depth and be aesthetically pleasing from all angles. This structure was 63′ long by 23′ wide and at its highest peak, 23′ tall! We used a premium IFR stretch fabric and used Dye Sublimation for our Printed Truss Covers. The result was a joint effort between AG Light and Sound and Stretch Shapes. Using our design and mockup, AG built the complete structure out of their truss, while the Stretch Shapes team swiftly installed the fabric for the shade structure.

The Booth

Finally, our booth. With a 10’ x 20’ area, we knew we had to get creative to be able to show off as many products as possible. We used a 10′ x 20′ Quick Wall as a divider and informational backdrop. In front of the Quick Wall, we placed a custom wall that our fabrication team built for the show. This wall housed several products and a TV with a slideshow playing our various projects.