Vital Show Solutions – Projection Screens

Finding a good vendor can be challenging – from finding quality products and customer service to budget-friendly quotes with fast turnaround times, it can be tricky getting everything just right. When you do find that perfect relationship, it’s worth investing in and running with.

We love our repeat clients and are always pleased when these develop into a successful, symbiotic partnership. Vital Show Solutions is one of those awesome companies, so shining a spotlight on their amazing work is both exciting and inspiring!

Vital Show Solutions provides top of the line products and solutions for any company’s audiovisual needs. From concept to design, Vital Show Solutions assist businesses with Corporate Meetings and Live Events for a first-in-class presentation or event.

Their first project was a custom diamond Borderless Projection Screen back in January 2018 (look for the blue diamond, Coca Cola images). Measuring at 75′ w x 16′ h, this extra-large custom screen was the beginning of many more jobs to come. We checked in with Marc Sartain of Vital Show Solutions to get his feedback, so read on to hear directly from the pros!

How did you first find Stretch Shapes?

At a previous company, someone in the scenic department had mentioned Stretch Shapes. I believe they were interested in a Borderless 16:9 Projection Screen.

How was your experience working with the Stretch Shapes creative team during the design process(es)?

Most of the design has been through us [Vital Show Solutions]. We would just send [Stretch Shapes] details of what we needed, and renderings, and they would make it happen. We’ve never had a problem. Stuff always comes in on time and looks great. Any little thing is always taken care of.

What was the inspiration behind the design(s)?

It’s a mixture of everything – a combination of client requests and our own creative ideas, and figuring out what works. It’s all about different shapes and curves these days, especially in the video world, so we are always needing to come up with things that are new and different.

The 2D Parallelogram was actually a Stretch Shapes idea and we ran with it.*
(* Check out the third image to see how they recreated a parallelogram shape on the large, central projection screen so it would match the side flanking parallelogram 2D forms.)

How has your experience been working with your Relationship Manager(s)?

They’re great. Mike is great – good to work with, very responsive. There was one little issue but he fixed it and it’s been great.

Do you have any comments on set up and strike?

At another company, we built a 75′ x 16′ diamond projection screen; it was built entirely out of steel, so it weighed about 1500lbs and took 4 guys about 8 hours to setup. In comparison, it took 2 guys about 2 hours to build the Stretch Shapes screen, and it weighed close to 500lbs.

There is a little bit of a learning curve, after setting up screens from other manufacturers. But, with everything labeled, diagrammed, and laid out, it’s pretty quick.

Are you able to repurpose and reuse any/all of the products you’ve purchased?

Yes. We’ve reused the Diamond Screen 3 or 4 times. The Curved Screens and smaller Borderless Projection Screens are the most popular and we reuse those all the time, but all of the products have been good [to reuse and repurpose].

What are some of your favorite or most popular products?

I really like the custom 16′ Full Moons and the 2D Parallelograms. The Full Moons have been really popular. We’re designing lots of new stuff for next year with different looks too.

Any other comments, feedback, or “pro tips” to share?

The challenge is knowing how to set them up [the projection screens] properly. The best way to build is to start on the [corners] and work towards the middle. After you do it once or twice, you’ll get into a routine. No one else has a product like [Stretch Shapes], which is unique in our business. 

(*If you need further assistance setting up a Borderless Projection Screen, you can view installation videos here or give us a call at 888-370-0202)

Any last words you would like to add about your overall experience working with Stretch Shapes?

[Stretch Shapes] is a great company. I hope you keep it up. People see your stuff on our website which is great.

What you don’t see behind the scenes is the great feedback we get from clients like Vital Show Solutions. Their professional experience and insight help us continually learn, grow, and develop. Whether it’s ideas for a custom project, feedback on how we could make a good product even better, or just comments on what they might be looking for, we are immensely grateful when we get to learn from our clients, the true experts.

As we approach a new year and the two-year anniversary of working together, we are looking forward to seeing what Vital Show Solutions comes up with next!