Wave Church

Venue: Wave Church in Virginia Beach, VA
Services Provided: Stage design with 2D Forms and Borderless Projection Screens
Client: Wave Church

“We loved the display! It was the most user-friendly setup we’ve had and we will be able to reuse it next year!”
— Steve Tignor, Production Manager, Wave Church

When you have over 6,000 guests for your Christmas Production, it provides plenty of motivation to make sure everything goes right and looks stunning. This collaboration between Stretch Shapes and Wave Church was a combination of 2D Forms and Borderless Projection Screens. Originally purchased for their annual Christmas event, the church has found the set to be so easy to setup and strike that they’ve been able to use the pieces for multiple events since Christmas.

The stage design was combination of three 2D Forms and one Borderless Projection Screen. The tall “Mountain Series” 2D Forms bookended the set and towered at nearly 20’ and 24’ wide. Above it all was a completely custom 2D Form that was 34’ long and 7’ high. In front, our Borderless Projection Screen, at 20’ wide by 8’ high, provided a perfect surface to project onto.

Skinned in our bright white stretch fabric, each of these pieces was able to be mapped for projection and provide a perfect surface for stage lighting.

Wave Church is a fast-growing church with eight locations that span from Los Angeles to Virginia Beach. This was our fifth project with Wave Church.

Images courtesy of Wave Church