Pull Over Truss Cover Rolls

Truss Covers GalleryStretch Shapes is the nation’s #1 choice by Live Design and AV industry professionals for premium Truss Covers. Client needs are always on our mind, which is exactly why you won’t find a product like this anywhere else on the market. We understand that you don’t always know how much or the length of truss segments you’re going to need to cover. Our Truss Rolls allow larger organizations to keep covers in stock at all times and ready for any event that may pop up. When needed, you can quickly cover straight segments or circle trussing by simply cutting the desired length required.

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Our Truss Cover Rolls are sewn with a special lock stitch seam to ensure your segments will stay together after cutting and never fray. Once cut, you’ve essentially created a Pull Over Truss Cover. Also known as truss socks, sleeves or wraps, the tension in the stretch fabric has been calculated to keep your cover securely in place, even with long term usage. Clamp lighting over the top or slice holes in for cable and clamp openings, depending on the needs for your event.

We understand that in many instances, you need Truss Covers fast and need to rely on a company that cares about your needs as well as the needs of your clients. That’s why Stretch Shapes keeps all sizes of our Truss Cover Rolls in stock and ready to ship. Select from multiple lengths in rolls to fit 12” or 20.5” box truss.

All Stretch Shapes’ Truss Cover Rolls are made from IFR Trapeze Plus® high performance stretch fabric that will thoroughly mask trussing or light up bright when lit with an internal LED. Spark your imagination with this collection of helpful images.

Hook and Loop Truss Covers: If you need to be able to install trussing at the end of the setup process or need to get cable/rigging into a side, check out our Hook and Loop Truss Covers.

Pull Over Truss Covers: If you only need a few covers for your event and can install them by simply pulling them over the top without the need for cable or rigging openings, our Pull Over Truss Covers might be just what you need.

Printed Truss Covers: Now with our dye-sublimation printing process, you can turn any truss cover into an artistic branding tool that can be used for years to come. Start your custom truss cover project today.