Product Guarantee

Thank you for choosing Stretch Shapes for your event’s décor needs. We’re excited to provide you with excellent customer service as well as the assurance that we stand by our work with the industry’s best warranty.

1-Year Warranty on Fabric

Because we believe in our fabric products and the quality of work that goes into manufacturing them, we include a 1-year warranty with every fabric product we sell.

1-Year Warranty on Frames

All framed goods (excluding custom projects) are backed by a 1-year warranty on the metal. This includes, but is not limited to, Full Moons, Vector Grids, Quick Walls, Event Arches, and 2D Forms.

Out of Box

All products are guaranteed against out of box material defects. If your product arrives with any damage whatsoever, we’ll replace it immediately. Stretch Shapes guarantees that your items will stretch to the size stated, and that they will be an accurate representation of what’s demonstrated on our website.

Long Term

We guarantee that our seems won’t come undone, break or tear. Permanently installing your product and following the recommended care and maintenance instructions will extend the product’s life far beyond the duration of the warranty.


Although the fabric we use is designed for high performance use, this warranty excludes damage caused by any of the following: punctures introduced to the material through installation/use or handling, overstretching, improper storage, unsuitable use or application, high winds, and/or prolonged exposure to exterior conditions.

If your warranty has lapsed, please contact us if there is an issue. We’ll always do our best to help you in anyway we can. Our goal is for you to feel confident in your purchase from Stretch Shapes and know that we will be here for you when you need us.

Quality Check

We take immense pride in our work. Every product that leaves our facility is quality checked. Your order has been carefully examined to ensure it meets Stretch Shapes’ exacting product standards.

Flame Resistance

This product is made from inherently flame retardant (IFR) premium fabric. IFR means the flame retardancy has been woven into the fabric fiber itself without being subject to any special processing or addition of chemicals post production. This means the IFR rating will remain intact for the entire life of the fabric. Our IFR fabric passes NFPA-701 and CSFM Title 19 standards (amongst others). Your Stretch Shapes product will remain flame retardant and comply with fire code in all 50 states for its lifetime, even after repeated washing.

*This is not a certificate of flame resistance. Certifications are available upon request.