10 Point 16:9 Vertispan Projection Screen


  • VertiSpan Screen accommodates projected 16:9 images
  • Unique surface for presenting from front or rear
  • Brightest white fabric on the market
  • Graceful full length vertical stretch
  • 10 rigging points; 5 top & 5 bottom
  • Available in 11 point to point size options
  • Click here for projection size allowance chart
  • Two-ply hemmed borders for stability
  • Standard nylon & grommet rigging points
  • 5.9oz. IFR Trapeze Plus® stretch fabric
  • Passes NFPA 701, CSFM Title 19, & ASTM E84
  • Seamless up to 12’
  • Will stretch to the size listed
  • Can stretch more or less +/- 5% if desired
  • Easy to care for, washable, & wrinkle-free
  • Includes rigging options, storage bagwarranty card

Screen fits a 16:9 aspect ratio image and is available in a variety of sizes options to suit your needs. The sizes listed for sale represent what we call the “point to point” measurement, however every screen also has a second measurement called “image allowance.” The image allowance measurement represents the projectable rectangular space. Click here to view our “projections size allowance chart.” This screen has a total of 10 rigging points (one on each corner and three dividing the top and bottom) allowing full length verticle stretch. The addition of more rigging points allows for more projection space, however, may also tend to look more busy (making the amount of rigging points an esthetic decision as well). The dimensions that are listed here are what the screen will stretch out to become. We use the term “comfortable stretched dimensions.” This simply means that while it’s not difficult to stretch the screen into place, it is tight enough to never be loose or floppy. Screens may also stretch a bit more or less if desired, about +/-10%.

Screens are made from crisp, bright white fabric that’s suitable for front or rear projection.

This Stretch Fabric Projection Screen serves as a unique surface for front or rear presentation of video. Stand out from the crowd with the attractive, contemporary design.

When you receive your Projection Screen you will notice that it comes shipped about 25% smaller than the size you order. To install, apply tension to each of the corners and stretch it into place. The amount of tension needed per corner is variable with small Screens (0’-12’) requiring about 5 lbs per corner and large Screens (>12’-20’) requiring about 15 lbs per corner. Screens have sewn in rigging points on each corner and included either black/white tie line or ball bungees for rigging. As well, Screens may be anchored directly to a wall using screw eyes (not included).

All of Stretch Shape’s products are custom cut and made in America. Each Projection Screen has a two-ply stretch hem border that runs around the entire perimeter. This adds stretch and durability to the Panel while embellishing its finished presence. Corners are finished with standard rigging tabs which are great for repeated use and easy setup. Every product is manufactured with exact precision and expertise.

We exclusively use premium Trapeze Plus® stretch fabric to create all of our products. It’s a 5.9oz. 90% Polyester & 10% Spandex stain resistant fabric that has been engineered for safety, durability, and high performance stretch.

Projection Screens may get dirty through standard use. They can be washed with detergent plus a non-bleach whitener like OxiClean® (for whites). Dry them in a standard dryer on low and they’ll come out looking like new while retaining their flame certification. They will always be wrinkle free due to the stretch material. Click here for more detailed care instructions.

With all of our Projection Screens, we include your choice of rigging options: ball bungees or 50′ spool of tie line, a drawstring bag for storage*, a pair of handling gloves to prevent fingerprints, and a 3 year extended warranty card, all at no additional cost to you. All products are guaranteed out of box against material defects e.g. stains, rips, punctures or any other material defects. We also warranty our top quality workmanship in every step of the production process e.g. fabric cutting, surging, and sewing. We guarantee our seams will not come undone or tear and our corner mounts will last for the duration of the warranty (under normal wear and tear).
*Entire order ships in a single storage bag

Custom Projection Screens
Nearly any width projection screen size is achievable. If the length or width of your projection screen is greater than 40’, however, the other dimension cannot be longer than 40’. The height and width of your projection screen can be customized as needed. We can adjust its size to control the size of the projectable section of your screen, or we can adjust its size to control its outer dimensions. Rigging points (webbing tab with grommet) can be added anywhere along the border of your projection screen and can be placed as close as 6” apart. Each additional rigging point adds $3.50 to the cost of your projection screen. If you have a window or other light source that you’re concerned may cast light from behind your projection screen, we can add a second layer of white fabric to the back of it to create a black out screen. This will allow very minimal light to pass through from behind.

Trapeze Plus® stretch fabric is IFR or inherently flame retardant and passes NFPA 701, CSFM Title 19 and ASTM E84 standards even after repeated machine washing. This means the flame proofing product is built into the fiber of the material (IFR) and not just sprayed on after production.
Once you’ve placed your order we quickly go to work creating your Projection Screens. Screens ship out in 1-2 business days from the date of purchase. Rush Service is available upon request, (click here for more details) for a 10% price increase and can often be expedited to same day dispatch depending on our current work load.
Weight (Sq)


Warranty Term

3 Years


2-Ply Hemmed

Aspect Ratio



Ball Bungees or Tie Line, Handling Gloves, and Storage Bag

Fire Rating

B1, NFPA 701, CSFM Title 19 and ASTM E84

Fire Spec

Inherently Flame Resistant


10% Spandex/90% Polyester






No Thanks, Ball Bungees, Black, 50' Tie Line, Black, Ball Bungees, White, 50' Tie Line, White


5' x 3.25', 6' x 3.75', 7' x 4.5', 8' x 5', 9' x 5.5', 10' x 6.25', 12' x 7.75', 15' x 9.5', 18' x 11.25', 20' x 12.5', 21' x 13'

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