16″ X 16″ IFR Heavyweight Stretch Fabric Sample

16″ X 16″ IFR Heavyweight Stretch Fabric Sample


  • The thicker version of IFR Stretch Fabric, IFR Heavyweight Stretch Fabric is engineered to provide greater stability and higher single-ply coverage
  • Tight warp knit for increased fabric strength and puncture resistance
  • High stretch memory allows the fabric to recover, minimizing wrinkles and dimples
  • Available in bright white
  • IFR (inherently flame retardant) fabric will never lose its flame certification even after repeated deep cleaning
  • Stretches to become wrinkle-free

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Fabric Composition

5% Spandex/95% Polyester

Weight (Sq Yd)

8.5 oz



Fabric Width

10 ft



Fire Rating

Inherently Flame Retardant, CA1237Sm, NFPA 701 Small Scale

UV Resistance

UV treated, however, recommended 10+ years of indoor use or 3-10 weeks of continual outdoor use dependant on environment

Projection Gain

Ideal for rear projection with a gain of .97