Shade Structure 424 - Stretch Shapes

Shade Structure 424

Shade Structure 424

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  • Designed specifically for special events, festivals, and activations. Not recommended for permanent outdoor installations
  • Vibrant without fading for up to 2 months of UV exposure
  • 69’ x 80’ footprint
  • 5,520 square feet
  • $13,900 is the approximate price for the rigging and shade sails
      • Includes 16 standard 20’ x 20’ shade sails
      • Includes an internal rigging system
      • Excludes trussing & Truss Covers
      • Engineering stamp available upon request for an additional charge
      • Installation not included
  • Made from Outdoor Stretch Fabric which has enhanced UV resistance
  • Available in bright white and 6 additional colors
  • For custom Shade Structure designs, call us at 888-370-0202 or submit a request online
Additional Options for Customization

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Our products are available in multiple sizes, from established, standard sizes to custom sizes and shapes. Please refer to the specific Shade Structure for sizing and scaling variations, or Request a Quote online for custom size and shape options.

The Outdoor Stretch Fabric comes in 7 different stock colors including bright white, black, titanium, fiery red, royal blue, tangerine, and yellow.

For additional branding opportunities, add Truss Covers to your Shade Structure. Truss Covers can be printed using our dye sublimation printing process. For print orders, please call our toll-free number at 888.370.0202 or Request a Quote online.

All Shade Structures are designed to be reliable, wrinkle-free, and modular. Known best for providing shade at outdoor events, Shade Structures also make a great addition to nighttime events with lighting and projection. The modular design also makes it easy to enlarge your existing structure by adding additional shade sails. Whether you’re planning to use your structure for one event, for a series of similar events, or for a variety of different events, our Relationship Managers can help ensure you find the solution you need.

This structure utilizes a truss tower system, connecting the shade sails using wire cables, industrial-strength rigging materials, and custom truss top plates. More common with triangle sails and unique shapes, the tower systems create a more radial structure with a central truss tower and additional towers surrounding it. Although these systems have a larger footprint and more industrial rigging, truss towers can minimize the amount of truss required and can be used in conjunction with other existing structures.

We understand that installing new and large products can be intimidating, which is why our world-class installation team is ready to support you. With decades of knowledge setting up for massive events around the globe, our crew is well-versed in coordinating with other vendors and teams and will ensure a smooth, successful set up.

Whether it’s your first Shade Structure, you have a tricky location or set up, or you just want to stay focused on the event, Stretch Shapes’ experienced installation team is available to handle setup and strike.

Shade sails are made with Outdoor Stretch Fabric. This new fabric uses proprietary weaving technology that allows the fabric to stretch and is made from 100% Polyester with 0% Spandex. Spandex omission allows for increased UV resistance and gives the fabric a stopping point in the stretch (unlike normal stretch fabric that keeps stretching). The result is majestic and stable installations that have enhanced wind resistance

If your stretch fabric gets dirty, cleaning is easy! Toss it in the washer for cleaning and dry at medium or low heat. Detergents with non-bleach whitener such as OxiClean® are recommended for the Bright White fabric. Your Outdoor Stretch Fabric will come out looking new again, without breaking down the integrity of the fabric or it’s flame retardant coating.

Includes handling gloves, 16 Triangle Shade Sails, and all-inclusive rigging kit

The Outdoor Stretch Fabric is flame retardant and passes NFPA 701 flame certification standards. The flame retardant coating far exceeds those of the past; domestically made with minimal residue, it is completely unnoticeable and sturdy enough to withstand weather and cleaning.

Lead times will vary depending on products. If you need your order ASAP, we do offer a rush service, depending on how soon it is needed. Please contact one of our Relationship Managers at 888.370.0202 to place a rush order.


White, Black, Fiery Red, Royal Blue, Tangerine, Titanium, Yellow

Fabric Composition

100% Polyester

Weight (Sq Yd)

3.5 oz



Fabric Width

10 ft



Fire Rating

CSFM Title 19, NFPA 701

UV Resistance

Ideal for repeat special event use. Vibrant without fading for up to 2 months of UV exposure

Color Fading

White and Titanium fabric will not fade. All other colors will fade over time on the top side exposed to UV. The bottom side will remain vibrant.