Stage 207 - Stretch Shapes

Stage 207

Stage 207

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  • Products Used in this Stage Set Design:
  • This spacious stage set design utilizes large printed and projected panels
  • Print custom images and graphics on your Stage Design using dye sublimation printing
  • Emphasis is naturally on the center stage due to flanking elements that gradually increase in size
  • Perfect for conferences, discussion panels, and expert forums
  • Combine printing and projection for a variety of static images and projection displays
  • Options for both ground supported and aerial rigged; this image is entirely aerial rigged
  • Choose from standard sizes or create your own custom sizes
  • Bright White stretch fabric makes the perfect canvas for lighting and projection
  • Blockout Projection Stretch Fabric in Bright White offers zero frame shadowing and 100% blockout that is ideal for high-resolution projection

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Borderless Projection Screens and Borderless Graphic Panels are available in multiple sizes, from established, standard sizes to custom sizes and shapes. Please refer to the specific product series for sizing and scaling variations, or Request a Quote online for custom size and shape options.

Borderless Projection Screens and Borderless Graphic Panels both utilize a 100% Blockout Fabric that comes in Bright White only. The bright white fabric skins are perfect for high-resolution projection and photorealistic dye sublimation printing.

Branding is big and makes all of your designs bolder! Print on Borderless Graphic Panels using our dye sublimation printing process to create custom, photorealistic pieces that complement your stage set design. For print orders, please call our toll-free number at 888.370.0202 or Request a Quote online.

All Borderless Projection Screens and Borderless Graphic Panels are created to offer a sturdy, large-scale, wrinkle- and bezel-free surface. The SEG (Silicone Edge Graphic) frame allows the fabric to wrap around the front and attach to the back of the frame for ultra-clean edges and high-quality displays for both printing and projection. Designed with sustainability in mind, the frames can easily be reskinned if a new surface or printed graphic is needed.

Borderless Projection Screens and Borderless Graphic Panels both utilize Stretch Shapes’ innovative Bezel Free SEG System. Using 2” square tube aluminum, a custom SEG extrusion is mounted to the back of the frame, allowing the fabric to completely wrap around the face of the frame, eliminating unsightly borders. Combined with the Blockout fabric, which offers zero frame shadowing and 100% blockout, Borderless Projection Screens and Borderless Graphic Panels provide a flawless, distraction-free surface.

Setting up your Borderless Projection Screens and Borderless Graphic Panels is intended to be a smooth, straightforward process. The only tool needed to complete assembly is a ¼” Phillips head screwdriver; all other items needed are shipped with your order. All products are clearly labeled and include step-by-step installation instructions; you can also view videos of our installation guides or call Stretch Shapes at 888.370.0202 for additional support.
For large and custom projects, the Stretch Shapes world-class installation team is available to handle setup and strike, so you can stay focused on the event.

Fabric options include:

  • Blockout Projection Stretch Fabric - All Borderless Projection Screens are made using a 4-way stretch, Blockout Fabric. The back layer provides 100% blockout and zero frame shadowing for bright, high-resolution projections. Seamless up to 10’ high and 90’ wide.
  • Blockout Graphic Stretch Fabric - All Borderless Graphic Panels utilize a Blockout Stretch Fabric for crisp, photorealistic prints, with 100% blockout and zero frame shadowing. Available up to 9.75’ high and 24’ wide, the Blockout Stretch Fabric is capable of high-resolution printing at 150dpi.

If your stretch fabric — or tension fabric as it is also referred to — gets dirty, you can wash it with detergent plus a non-bleach whitener such as OxiClean® (for whites). You can dry it in a standard dryer on low. Your stretch fabric will come out looking new again and keep its flame certification.

All Borderless Projection Screens and Borderless Graphic Panels include the aluminum SEG frame, the stretch fabric skin, nitrile handling gloves, and a drawstring storage bag for cleaning. All Stretch Shapes products are guaranteed against out of box material defects e.g. stains, rips, punctures or any other material defects.

The Blockout Stretch Fabric used for both Borderless Projection Screens and Borderless Graphic Panels is REACH Compliant, OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100 Certified, and passes NFPA 701 flame certification standards.

Lead times will vary. If you need your order ASAP, we do offer a rush service for up to a 15% price increase, depending on how soon it is needed. Please contact one of our Relationship Managers at 888.370.0202 to place a rush order.