Shade Tech Stretch Fabric

For all of our standard Shade Structures, we use a 3.5oz. Shade Tech Stretch Fabric. The 100% Polyester fabric is more UV resistant than a Poly-Spandex counterpart; because Spandex breaks down in sunlight, this pure Polyester fabric is a more sustainable option for items with sun exposure.

Additionally, the lighter-weight fabric has a slightly reduced stretch, allowing for larger shade sails with less sagging, billowing, or dipping. Sails can be pulled to more of a stopping point, providing a clean look that is stationary, professional, and deliberate — no more billowing in the wind or sagging after a few hot days in the sun!

Engineered for safety and extended durability, the Shade Tech Stretch Fabric is optimized for outdoor usage. Intended for temporary use, it is durable enough to be left up for an entire outdoor season — approximately 6 months of continual UV exposure.

Shade Tech Stretch Fabric is available in white, black, titanium, fiery red, royal blue, tangerine and yellow.

Shade Tech Stretch Fabric is available in bright white and 6 additional standard colors, with a gloss finish. The fabric is flame retardant and passes NFPA 701 flame certification standards. The coating used on this fabric far exceeds those of the past; domestically made with minimal residue, the flame retardant coating is completely unnoticeable and sturdy enough to withstand weather and cleaning.

A huge perk of this specialty fabric is the ease of cleaning. The resilient fabric can be thrown in the washer for cleaning and dried at medium or low heat, without breaking down the integrity of the fabric or the flame retardant coating.

Whether you’re purchasing a Shade Structure for an annual event or setting one up for an entire outdoor season, our Shade Tech Stretch Fabric is the most durable, UV-resistant, and professional-looking option for all of your outdoor needs!

Render of a shade structure Photo of a shade structure