Stage Design with Stretch Fabric


Stage design has become an artistic trade, incorporating more mediums than ever, including stretch fabric. Tension, or stretch fabric as it is also called, has become a popular option for stage designers due to its versatility and the fact that it takes up minimal space when not in use. Whether you’re staging a massive set with multiple aluminum structures wrapped in fabric or hanging projection screens and backdrops; when done, the fabric and structures take up significantly less space than a traditional set. Tension fabric and their accompanying structures have not only become a popular option for stage design, but also for live events, trade shows, church set designs and corporate meetings. The term “soft sets,” is used to describe a stage set in mostly fabric, with tension fabric as a key component of the design. With the advancements in video mapping, lighting and print technologies, combining it all with stretch fabric has made it a truly exciting time to be in the stage design industry.

3-D Video Mapping

Projection mapping has come a long way since the opening of the Haunted Mansion ride at Disneyland in 1969. It has become a standard part of a modern stage design, allowing artists to turn any surface into a dynamic living canvas. When you incorporate tension fabric structures into sophisticated 3-D video mapping, the possibilities are endless. Stretch Shapes has been at the forefront of the video mapping wave that has hit the stage design industry by storm. Working with us, there’s no limits to your imagination when it comes to projection mapping. Our custom frames and fabric are designed to be highly versatile and made to your specific dimensions.
Video Map Skin W/ Projections

Stage Design with Stretch Fabric

Compared to a hard set that has to be constructed from the ground up at each show, tension fabric or soft goods are significantly easier to set up. The frames are generally made from aluminum, meaning they’re lightweight and able to last for years. The fabric is washable, so you can have a clean looking set every time.
Another major advantage to using stretch fabric for your stage design is that it takes up a lot less space than traditional materials. At Stretch Shapes, we use Trapeze Plus® high performance stretch fabric so not only is it inherently flame retardant, it is able to be folded up into a small package and become wrinkle-free once installed with no iron or heat.

Print on Tension Fabric

Thanks to the advancements in Dye-Sublimation printing, stretch fabric is now able to be a visual branding tool as well as an aesthetic addition to your stage design. This could be a great addition to any stage that utilizes large trusses. Now that we can print onto any of our products, our printed truss wraps have become extremely popular as a means to cover up exposed truss.

Lighting with Stretch Fabric

Adding custom shapes made from stretch fabric to your stage design allows you to be even more creative with your lighting effects. Our team here at Stretch Shapes has decades of experience when it comes to lighting and stage design. So it should come as no surprise that all of our tension fabric and frames are engineered to provide the best lighting surface on the market. Each piece is crafted to meet the needs of Event A/V and advanced media tech companies.

printed truss cover using blue tension fabric with white lettering

Let’s work together

Have an idea for your next stage design that would incorporates stretch fabric or tension fabric structures? Give Stretch Shapes a call today and let’s put your dream into a reality. We also have a large selection of our own shapes and forms that you can put together to customize the look of your stage. Either way, our team of custom designers and fabricators are here and ready to create the ultimate stage experience for you.