Stretch Shapes’ Fabrication Systems

The evolution of stage design and the live event industry has provided many opportunities for industry leaders to stay ahead of the curve. Sets are becoming more evolved and intricate to provide audiences with a memorable experience to take home with them. At Stretch Shapes, we believe in setting trends, rather than catching up to them. We’ve spent the past year developing three fabrication systems that speak directly the needs of AV and live event professionals. These three systems, Bezel Free SEG, 360 Pillow Case and Laser Frames, all provide unique opportunities for event professionals to take advantage of.

All systems can be built straight from client’s files to ensure accuracy and consistency.

Bezel Free SEG

SEG (Silicone Edge Graphic), has traditionally been used as a front facing install with the extrusion mounted to the front or side of the frame. This leaves an unsightly border around the entire face that is completely visible to an audience or event attendee.

“We just weren’t happy doing it like everyone else. We wanted to provide a solution that was innovative and allowed users to get as much real estate as possible from their screens and backdrops.”
-Niko Mantele, CEO and Founder

Rather than using the run of the mill SEG extrusions, Stretch Shapes’ Bezel Free SEG System uses 2” square tube aluminum that we can mount a custom SEG extrusion to the back of the frame. This allows the fabric to completely wrap around any exposed frame, hiding it from the audience and creating a clean edge with no border or bezel.

For products like our Borderless Projection Screens, we use a blackout fabric that completely eliminates all frame shadowing to provide a distraction-free surface. These screens can be customized to nearly any size thanks to our scaling capabilities.

Is Bezel Free SEG right for you?

  • No Bezel/borderless with no visible frame
  • Fabric wraps around back with no frame shadowing or light passing through
  • Aerial or ground supported
  • Perfect for projection surfaces or printed backdrops
  • Installs wrinkle free every time

360 Pillow Case

If you’re looking for a set that can be visible from both sides, our 360 Pillow Case Fabrication System will allow you to do just that. Using round tube aluminum, we are able to create shapes with curves and bends that can be scaled to nearly any size. Our selection of 2D Forms are a great example of how unique and creative you can get using our 360 Pillow Case System.

With this system, the skin for your frame will slide over and zip into place, just like a pillowcase. The zipper lays along the bottom for ground supported frames or along the top for aerial supported frames. This keeps the entire surface available for projection mapping or print.

Is 360 Pillow Case right for you?

  • Looks the same from both sides
  • Round edges provide little to no bleed off when video mapping
  • Create 2D forms and walls of nearly any shape
  • Works for stage decorations, lighting and printed surfaces
  • Can be ground or aerial supported

Laser Frames

If you have an abstract idea or a concept for a projection mapping surface, Stretch Shapes’ Laser Frames are just what you need. Using CNC cut and formed aluminum plates that are laser cut, we can achieve complex angles that you can’t achieve with tube frames. This provides you with the opportunity to design 3D shapes and/or columns that are lightweight, easy to set up and break down small, making it easier to transport and store.

Are Laser Frames right for you?

  • Great for 3D shapes and columns
  • Can be modular and mount together
  • Lightweight and can break down small for the overall size it can be built to
  • Achieve abstract angles that tube frames can’t do
  • Perfect for projection mapping surfaces and full stage sets

Each Stretch Shapes’ fabrication system is designed to fill a need in the industry. Every client and project is different and we look forward to collaborating with you to see how we can create the ideal piece for your event.