Stretch Your Budget: 5 Church Stage Design Ideas

Over the years, we’ve helped numerous churches and houses of worship put together contemporary, inspiring, and budget-friendly stage designs. We love helping beautify spaces, and understand the importance of spreading the message in an effective and engaging way, so we put together a list of 5 ideas to help you stretch your budget and get the most out of your Church Stage Design.

Check out the ideas and images below, and then reach out to us if you have any questions or are ready to start designing a project for your ministry!

1. Focus and Accent with Flat Panel Sails

Originally the most popular product for houses of worship, Flat Panel Sails are one of the most effective budget-stretching products due to their highly versatile applications. Available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, these are perfect for creating angelic shapes or combining with other products.

Maximize flexibility with Flat Panel Sails

  • Frame an Altar or Stage: flank the sides of a stage or altar to accent the main backdrop and direct audience attention
  • Create a Layered Backdrop: combine multiple panels in a variety of shapes and sizes to create a simple backdrop
  • Use for a Ceiling or Covered Area: create a temporary covered space with aerial rigged Flat Panel Sails
Flat Panel SailsFlat Panel SailsFlat Panel Sails

2. Project and Display with Stretch Projection Screens

As technology evolves, so does the audience! Include projections to help keep the audience engaged, while also choosing a solution that is compact and portable. Stretch Projection Screens can be front or rear projected, fit both small and large 16:9 video formats, and don’t require a frame! Choose the size and number of rigging points, for a uniquely defined perimeter.

Keep audiences engaged with Stretch Projection Screens

  • Create a central focus on stage: use one large Projection Screen as a backdrop and primary area of attention
  • Use multiple screens for accents: add screens to the sides of the stage, ensuring line of sight for the entire congregation; like this Stage Set Design, this option works especially well for large audiences who may have trouble seeing center stage
  • Make the most out of extracurricular activities: repurpose as an outdoor projection screen for movie nights, study groups, and other church-related activities
Stretch Projection ScreensStretch Projection ScreensStretch Projection Screens

3. Refine and Redefine with Quick Walls

Sometimes houses of worship aren’t designed the way they’re needed. Whether you’re a pop-up church, are holding mass in a large, gym-like space, or just don’t have the breakout rooms you need, Quick Walls can provide a multitude of solutions. Highly durable and extremely quick and easy to set up, Quick Walls are a fast answer for your church’s needs.

Create the spaces you need with Quick Walls

  • Redefine spaces to be the size you need: Quick Walls are perfect for creating smaller breakout areas, such as age-appropriate childcare rooms or discussion group areas
  • Construct temporary hallways and paths: direct the flow of traffic by setting up hallways and egress paths to the location of your choosing
  • Include in stage backdrops: lightweight Quick Walls can do double duty as a stage backdrop and projection surface
    Pro Tip: Try a black stretch fabric for high-impact projections
Quick WallsQuick WallsQuick Walls

4. Enhance Projections with Borderless Projection Screens

Maximize your projection surface area by incorporating a large, bezel-free screen. Borderless Projection Screens are a high-end, wrinkle-free projection surface with ultra-clean edges. Utilizing a 100% Blockout Projection Stretch Fabric, these screens offer greater durability and ZERO frame shadowing.

Upgrade your projection surface with Borderless Projection Screens

  • Provide edge-to-edge projections: the projection equivalent of full-bleed printing, these screens provide a borderless, high-quality projection surface
  • Create a more intimate space with Curved Borderless Projection Screens: incorporating a Curved Projection Screen will help envelop and draw the audience in, making even large spaces feel more intimate
Borderless Projection ScreensBorderless Projection ScreensBorderless Projection Screens

5. Print and Expand with Panel Wall Tiles

Powerful and visually intriguing, Panel Wall Tiles are easy to resize, reuse, and reprint. Available in a variety of geometric shapes and 3D options, the modular design makes it simple to adjust the size and incorporate prints and projections. Whether you’re printing inserts for specific events or planning to grow in size, Panel Wall Tiles are a striking, contemporary solution.

Design a modular, highly versatile backdrop with Panel Wall Tiles

  • Create a visually appealing backdrop: choose your favorite shape to create a unique, geometric backdrop
    Pro Tip: Try using a 3D option to add more depth and dimension
  • Incorporate Printed Inserts for relevant events and messages: the modular design makes it possible to include printed inserts in a variety of sizes, and easily swap them out anytime an update is needed
  • Include unprinted inserts for projection: capitalize on the interchangeable design by including large, unprinted tiles for projection, like this Stage Set Design
Panel Wall TilesPanel Wall TilesPanel Wall Tiles

Still haven’t found exactly what you’re looking for? Let us help you! We can help you figure out the right solution for your Church Stage Design, or come up with Custom Project to achieve the aesthetic you’re looking for. Give us a call or request a quote online to start your project now!

Disclaimer: Stretch Shapes is not affiliated with any particular religion or house of worship. We support freedom of choice for both our clients and employees.