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Custom Projects
Stretch Shapes is primed and ready to provide you with solutions to enhance your event. Our event structure systems and expertise in stretch fabric allows us to design a product that will work best for you, without having to make sacrifices. Whether it’s an intricate video mapping surface, screen surround, custom printed shape or special event structure, our team is ready to match your needs with our solutions.

Each of our systems, Bezel Free SEG and 360 Pillow Case, has been rigorously tested to withstand the wear and tear of a live event and to work perfectly with fabrics that stretch. See which one will work best for your event or let us know what you’re trying to achieve and we can recommend the right system for you.

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Bezel Free SEG

Traditional SEG (Silicone Edge Graphic), installs onto the front of a frame or extrusion, leaving an unsightly border around the edge that is visible to an audience. For Stretch Shapes, this was not an option that we felt comfortable presenting to the A/V industry. Instead, we worked with our fabricators and patterning departments to come up with a solution that would meet our ambitious standards of excellence.

Stretch Shapes’ SEG frames incorporate a custom SEG extrusion that is bolted to the back of aluminum square tube frame. This allows the stretch fabric to wrap around the frame and insert into the SEG extrusion without showing any frame to the audience, creating a clean edge with no bezel or border. We use an exclusive blackout fabric that eliminates all frame shadowing and light passing so you can count on a distraction-free surface.

These custom frames work extremely well for Borderless Projection Screens and custom printed backdrops. The stretch fabric used in conjunction with these frames can be folded up and installs to be wrinkle free every time. Every SEG frame is custom built to your specs and can be broken down into small segments, making transportation and setup a breeze. Stretch Shapes can also design your frame to be ground or aerial supported as well as modular, meaning you can combine multiple frames together.

360 Pillow Case

If you’re looking to create 2D shapes or a custom wall that you can use as a stage decoration, our round tube fabrication system might be just what you need. The round edges on the frame provide a perfect surface for projection mapping because they leave little to no bleed off.

This is a great solution if you’re looking to create a unique branding solution at a corporate event or festival when combined with our dye sublimation printing option. The frame can be designed to nearly any shape imaginable and the print can then match the shape. Other ideas for our round tube frames include stage lighting surfaces, stage backdrops and video mapping surfaces. One of the biggest advantages to this system is that it looks the same on both sides so you don’t have to hide one side from the audience.

The stretch fabric used with our round tube frames is designed to slip over like a pillowcase and secures in place with a sewn in zipper along the bottom support rail. This is the easiest of the systems when it comes to install and allows you to still do creative curves and bends. Round tube frames can also be ground or aerial supported depending on your needs.

Stretch Fabric Industry Leaders

At Stretch Shapes, we pride ourselves on being the leaders in innovation with fabrics that stretch. With each custom project, we carefully consider every detail so that we can recommend the fabric that will perform best for your needs. Our team here is prepared with decades of knowledge when it comes to working with fabrics that stretch. We are passionate about our craft and ready for any challenge you may have.

Working with Stretch Shapes

Each of these systems is designed to fill a need. Every client is different and has separate requests that we can help with. For every custom project, Stretch Shapes will provide a 3D mockup of what your project will look like. This will allow your team to truly visualize your concept and decide if it is what will work best for you.

Regardless of where you are in your design process, give us a call and see how Stretch Shapes can help. Our online quote system is a quick and effortless way to get started. If submitted during business hours, a representative will respond within 60 minutes your submission. Want to talk it out? Give us a call at our toll-free number (1.888.370.0202), and a Stretch Shapes’ Relationship Manager will gladly lend their expertise to your challenge.

Lead times for custom projects do vary. Depending on the size of your project, lead times range from 10-27 days. For your convenience, Stretch Shapes does offer several rush options.

Stretch Shapes Systems

Bezel Free SEG

Square tube frames with SEG extrusions mounted on the back to provide a bezel free surface.

  • Perfect for projection or printed surfaces
  • Blackout material used to prevent frame shadowing or light passing through
  • Ground or aerial support options


360 Pillow Case

Round edges provide little to no bleed off which is perfect for projection mapping.

  • Create 2D shapes and walls of nearly any shape or size
  • Great for stage decorations, lighting surfaces and printed backdrop structures
  • Looks the same from both sides