Trapeze Plus

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Trapeze Plus® High Performance Stretch Fabric

At Stretch Shapes, we use 5.9oz. Trapeze Plus® stretch fabric. Trapeze Plus® is 90% Polyester & 10% Spandex. It’s engineered for safety, durability, and high performance stretch. Its tight warp knit increases fabric strength and puncture resistance. Its high stretch memory allows the fabric to recover to its original size more accurately when tension is relaxed, minimizing wrinkles and dimples. Trapeze Plus® is available in bright white, and 14 additional colors, in a satin sheen finish. Trapeze Plus® is inherently flame retardant (IFR), and will remain flame retardant after repeated deep cleaning. It passes NFPA 701, CSFM Title 19, B1, ASTM E84, and CAN/ULC-S109-03 standards.

Side by Side Comparison Test

We put Trapeze Plus® stretch fabric up against the fabric of our leading competitors. Both pieces were cut fresh from a new roll of fabric, lit with daylight, then photographed. The color comparison reveals Trapeze Plus® to be a bright white, while our competitor’s fabric has a noticeable subtle yellowing. Whether using panels as a static white installation, adding color to panels with stage lights, or projecting images onto them, a true white surface is a preferable reference. You can rely on Stretch Shapes’ products made from Trapeze Plus® for consistent and reliable bright white fabric every time.