Five Zoomed In and Zoomed Out Podiums

Need a flawless backdrop that makes your broadcast or virtual event stand out or look professional? Check out the backdrop ideas below for sophisticated and intriguing backgrounds that are fast and easy to set up!

Don’t fall victim to backdrops with wrinkled vinyl or flimsy frames that can’t stand up straight. As always, all of our backdrops use a stout 2” aluminum frame, heavy-duty steel baseplates, and premium inherently flame retardant (IFR) stretch fabric. Additionally, the frame can be reused for years, and the stretch fabric is the ideal wrinkle-free surface for printing your brand or color washing with lighting. Available in 20 stock colors, including Black & Green Screen, there’s a backdrop for everyone!

Non-printed backdrops can ship in 2 days, and printed backdrops can ship in 8 days.

Printed Quick Wall

Print your logo, message, or artwork on a wrinkle-free stretch fabric Quick Wall.

  • 10’ x 8’ Aluminum Frame w/ Black Powder Coated Steel Base Plates:   $285
  • Printed Skin:   $680
  • Art Approval:   $40
  • Nationwide Flat Rate Shipping:   $100
  • Total:   $1,105

Green Screen Virtual Backdrop

Don’t spend hours photoshopping imperfections from a wrinkled chroma key green screen. Our Green Screen Quick Wall is wrinkle-free and the ideal green screen color.

  • One 10’ x 8’ Frame:   $285
  • Green Screen Skin:   $225
  • Shipping Nationwide:   $100
  • Total:   $610

Greenscreen Backdrop with Podium

Solid Black Virtual Backdrop

If you’re worried about light reflecting back to the camera, a sleek Quick Wall in black will absorb light.

  • One 10’ x 8’ Frame:   $285
  • Any Solid Color Skin:   $225
  • Shipping Nationwide:   $100
  • Total:   $610

Quick Wall with Branded Panel Insert

Use white Quick Walls with a wash of colored lighting behind a printed Panel Wall featuring your logo. Customize printed panel inserts for versatility.

  • Two 10’ x 8’ Frames:   $570
  • Any Solid Color Skin (background layer):   $225
  • Panel Wall Tile w/ Printed Fill (front layer):   $435
  • Art Approval:   $40
  • Shipping Nationwide:   $200
  • Total:   $1,470

Branded Grid Backdrop and Podium