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Introducing the game-changer in large-scale graphics: Borderless Graphic Panels by Stretch Shapes.

Gone are the days of flimsy banners and wrinkled backdrops. Our panels boast professional aesthetics, built-in reusability, and unwavering rigidity.


  • Seamless, High-Resolution Graphics: Crisp, wrinkle-free fabric wraps heavy-duty aluminum frames, creating stunning bezel-free displays.
  • Effortless Customization: Design captivating Silicone Edge Graphics (SEG) in any size or shape to perfectly fit your vision.
  • Superior Performance: No matter the scale, our expert team crafts robust aluminum frames for easy installation and flawless performance.
  • Transform your next event with the power of Borderless Graphic Panels.

Contact us today to unlock endless possibilities.

A Stretch Fabric Dye-Sublimation Custom Printed Graphic Panel Behind A Speaker On Stage

Pro AV Printed Graphic Panels

  • Borderless Graphic Panels are our top-of-line printed backdrop that’s the #1 choice for professionals
  • Comes with a stout frame that can be reskinned and reused
  • The fabric wraps the frame creating a contemporary large-scale graphical experience
  • We’ll build your Borderless Graphic Panel to your specification. Give us your dimensions and choose between a flat or curved frame and aerial rigging or ground supports
Start your project now:
Start your project now:
Brand Dye Sublimation Printed Stretch Fabric Wrapped Around A Rectangular Wall Frame

Example Sizes & Pricing

Stretch Shapes can customize Borderless Graphic Panels to any size. Looking for a standard size? Check out the sizes most frequently ordered:

  • Flat Borderless Graphic Panels
    • 10′ x 9.5′ – $3,435
    • 20′ x 9.5′ – $5,605
    • 30′ x 9.5′ – $7,705
  • Curved Borderless Graphic Panels
    • 10′ x 9.5′ (1.5′ Deep) – $3,930
    • 20′ x 9.5′ (2.5′ Deep) – $6,630
    • 30′ x 9.5′ (3.5′ Deep) – $9,435
A Borderless Graphic Panel for Coach Con, featuring their logo.

A Robust Aluminum Frame

A step above the rest, our innovative frames are engineered for longevity and performance

  • Built exclusively from stout 2″ square tube aluminum
  • Joined every 8′ with precision connections that securely fasten for a true result
  • Allows for unsupported spans up to 12′ long without deflection
  • Choose aerial, truss mount or ground supported rigging
  • A variety of other rigging accessories are available
Dye Sublimation Printed Stretch Fabric Wrapped Around A Curved Wall Frame

High-Resolution Printed Fabric

  • High-resolution printing for a high-quality product
  • Blockout Stretch Fabric produces 100% blockout and zero frame shadowing
  • Available up to 9.75 ft. in height & 24 ft. in width
  • Print the entire surface with full-bleed
  • Pantone color matching available for corporate events and logos
  • REACH Compliant, OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100 Certified, and passes NFPA 701
Dye-Sublimation Brand Printed Stretch Fabric Wrapped Around Rectangular Frame

Easy Ordering and Quick Lead Times

  • Give us a call at 1.888.370.0202 or fill out an custom quote request with all the details of your project
  • We can fulfill most orders of Borderless Graphic Panels within 10 business days.
  • Need it faster? Check out our Rush Options!
Start your project now:
Start your project now:
A trio of people stand in front of a Borderless Graphic Panel that is blue with nested stars printed on it

Additional Info

Eliminate the Entire Frame with Custom Silicone Edge Graphics (SEG)

If you walk through any trade show or major corporate event and you’re sure to see some form of SEG (Silicone Edge Graphics) on display. Graphic panel displays using SEG provide a clean finished look using a silicone strip that is sewn into the fabric and inserted into the frame to achieve a finished look. So, what’s the problem? Our issue with the run-of-the-mill SEG solutions was that you still see the frame, which creates a border that can be distracting to a viewer. As masters of our craft, we took it upon ourselves to improve and innovate a solution for the live event industry.

Working with our fabrication and patterning departments, Stretch Shapes custom-built a SEG extrusion that mounts onto the back of our square tube frames. This allows our IFR stretch fabric to wrap around the frame, thus eliminating the entire frame from all viewing points.

Heavy-Duty Graphic Panel Frame

Thick-walled 2″ aluminum square tubing provides a solid structure to hold your graphic panel wall intact, allowing you to get years of service from the frame itself. Once the frame has been created, our last step is adding the SEG (Silicone Edge Graphics) rail along the back where the sewn-in silicone strip on the full-bleed printed stretch fabric is then easily inserted into the rail’s recessed grooves.

The stout square tube frame also prevents against material deflection (sagging) along the horizontal edge as well as waving along the planar surface. Our square tubing and in-house fabrication have created an extremely sturdy frame system that can be reused time and time again yet maintain the frame’s integrity.

Stretch Shapes can make your frame with either ground or aerial support options. Frames can also have modularity in mind as we design, allowing you to purchase multiple smaller frames and bolt them together to make one large frame, as needed. Frames join and come apart with ease by simply screwing together.

Understanding that not all Borderless Graphic Panels are the same, we engineer our frames to break down small, allowing you to transport your screen without taking up a ton of space.

Dye Sublimation Printed Stretch Fabric

You can now brand an entire wall’s surface with our state-of-the-art dye sublimation printing process. Don’t need the entire surface printed? We can leave a white space within your panel for projection. We’ll Pantone match the colors if desired and print full-bleed for a rich graphical experience. We guarantee a perfect print every time with no wrinkles or warping of your graphic. Whether it’s a logo, art for a step-and-repeat backdrop, or a contemporary art piece, we’re ready to give your art the larger-than-life representation it deserves.

The printed tension fabric is made of Blockout Stretch Fabric, which utilizes a liner to offer 100% light blockout and zero frame shadowing. Unlike canvas, the slight stretch in our fabric allows you to install the fabric into the SEG frame with ease. More importantly, the blockout fabric is capable of high resolution printing at 150 DPI, making it ideal for high-quality dye-sublimation printing.

For safety, our Blockout Stretch Fabric is REACH Compliant, OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100 Certified, and passes NFPA 701 flame certification standards.

These printed graphic panels can be as big as 9.75′ high and almost any desired width. All seams are sewn with a super tight roll hem stitch, drastically reducing seam visibility and outperforming other printed stretch fabrics on the market.

What can you use a Borderless Graphic Panel for?

There are many ways you can use a Borderless Graphic Panel to enhance your brand, event, and venue. With custom sizes available, a Borderless Graphic Panel can be used as a large-scale branded backdrop on any stage at any venue. Branded backgrounds are modern stage design products that are highly sought after for events such as summits, conferences, brand activations, product launches, live shows, conventions, corporate meetings, presentations, live events, trade shows, training seminars, educational conferences, and churches. Our SEG printed fabric frame can also be used as signage, walls, partitions, or room dividers for churches, trade show booths, or retail areas. For maximum versatility, you can leave a blank space on your Borderless Graphic Panel to use as a projection surface. Our fabric is the perfect solution as the thick fabric reduces the light that passes through giving you bright projections on the screen.

See how other people are using Borderless Graphic Panels in our gallery.

Customize Your Project

Do you have a specific shape, size, or special rigging in mind? We are happy to customize your Borderless Graphic Panel! We can make Curved Frames, Flat Frames, or create something completely custom.

Ordering a Borderless Graphic Panel

Your Borderless Graphic Panel will be made to order. To purchase one of our printed fabric frame systems for your next event, please contact our sales department via our toll-free number or use our custom bquote system. Once your project has begun your relationship manager will stay in touch to support you in every step of the process leading up to your event.

Stretch Shapes can turn any size order of Borderless Graphic Screen around within 10 business days. Need it sooner? Check out our rush options to see which works best for you.

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