Green Screens

5 Different Sized Green Screen Backdrops

Are you creating the chroma key effect? Then you already know that you’ll need a green screen backdrop. As fun as chroma keying can be, it can also come with a fair share of headaches if using a cheap green screen backdrop. To learn about the best and worst green screen backdrops, check out the list below.

The Ideal Green Screen Backdrop:

  • Wrinkle-free = fewer edits later
  • Quick set up process
  • Lightweight yet sturdy
  • Many size options
  • Diffuses light evenly

The Worst Green Screen Backdrops:

  • Permanently wrinkled vinyl or fabric = time wasted editing
  • Flimsy frames that can’t stand up straight
  • Reflects light or can’t diffuse light
  • Cheap, single-use material
  • Difficult setup

Whether you’re using a green screen for broadcasting, streaming, or any other virtual event, we have a tried and true solution for you! You can select from a Quick Wall kit that comes with a Pipe & Base Frame and fabric, or we can create custom fabric and framing solutions. Check out the images below to see some of the possibilities!

Giant & Customized Green Screens

  • We can make HUGE green screens!
  • Customized green screens are our specialty! Reach out to our team to get started
  • Our IFR digital green fabric is easily recognized by editing software
  • Fabric color may vary slightly from color displayed on your screen. If color matching is imperative, request a fabric sample
  • Save hours of editing since the fabric is wrinkle-free
  • When it comes to lighting, our fabric is a matte sheen, which helps diffuse the light evenly
  • Need to reduce back-light? We can add a back layer of the same fabric in black
Start your project now:
Green Screen Backdrop and Podium

Truss Setup

  • Save money by using your existing truss to create a frame for your green screen
  • Make installation easy and request grommets around the perimeter of your screen for a smooth and versatile rigging experience
  • Stretch Shapes can turn around any size order of Truss Wrap Green Screens within 3-5 business days
  • Receive a lightning-fast quote through our sales department

Quick Wall Set Up

  • Quick Walls are complete kits that are fast & easy to set up. View our installation video here
  • Strong and stable, the Pipe & Base Frames we use are made from 2” diameter anodized aluminum tubes for reliable and unwavering support and come with heavy-duty 18” x 18” silver or black powder-coated steel base plates
  • Quick Wall green screen backdrops can ship in 2 days and come in a variety of sizes. Here are a few pricing examples. The price includes fabric, frames, and ground shipping:
    • 8’ x 8’: $475
    • 10’ x 8’: $515
    • 10’ x 10’: $620
    • 20’ x 10’ : $995
3 Different Sized Green Screens

Custom Fabricated Frames

  • We’ll fabricate any size or shape custom aluminum frame that’s stout yet light
  • Frames can be ground supported or aerial rigged
  • Choose a flat or curved framing system
  • Our custom solutions can be produced in 10 business days! Check out the sizes most frequently ordered:
    • 10’ wide x 6’ tall (x optional 2’ deep)
    • 15’ wide x 10’ tall (x optional 2.5’ deep)
    • 16’ wide x 9’ tall (x optional 2.5’ deep)
    • 32’ wide x 18’ tall (x optional 5’ deep)
    • 50’ wide x 10’ tall (x optional 6’ deep)
    • 60’ wide x 15’ tall (x optional 8’ deep)
  • Contact us for pricing