Green Screens

3 Different Sized Green Screen Backdrops

Are you creating the chroma key effect? Then you already know that you’ll need a green screen backdrop. As fun as chroma keying can be, it can also come with a fair share of headaches if using a cheap green screen backdrop. To learn about the worst and best green screen backdrops, check out the list below.

The Ideal Green Screen Backdrop:

  • Wrinkle-free = fewer edits later
  • Perfect shade of green for chroma keying
  • Quick set up process
  • Lightweight yet sturdy
  • Many size options
  • Diffuses light evenly

The Worst Green Screen Backdrops:

  • Permanently wrinkled vinyl = time wasted editing
  • Flimsy frames that can’t stand up straight
  • Reflects light or can’t diffuse light
  • Cheap, single-use material
  • Difficult setup

Whether you’re using a green screen as an online content creator for broadcasting, streaming, or any other virtual event, we have a tried and true solution for you! Quick Walls are the perfect solution and use Digital Green as the ideal color that software can easily recognize.

Set Up

Don’t fall victim to backdrops that are hard to set up, use permanently wrinkled vinyl, or have flimsy frames that can’t stand up straight.

  • Quick Walls are easy to set up and can be completed in minutes
  • All of our backdrops use a stout 2” aluminum frame, heavy-duty steel baseplates, and a wrinkle-free premium inherently flame retardant (IFR) stretch fabric
  • The frames are unswerving, lightweight, and can be reused for years
Green Screen Backdrop and Podium

Not Your Average Green Screen

Cheap green screens can cost you valuable time when it comes to identifying the screen, editing imperfections, and lighting evenly. Whether you’re searching for the perfect digital green color, or need a flawless surface, Quick Walls are the solution.

Green Lead Times & Example Pricing

Quick Wall green screen backdrops can ship in 2 days and come in a variety of sizes. Here is some sample pricing for common sizes:

  • 8’ x 8’ Frame: $186, Skin: $148, Shipping: $79
  • Total: $413

  • 10’ x 8’ Frame: $186, Skin: $185, Shipping: $79
  • Total: $450

  • 10’ x 10’ Frame: $222, Skin: $231, Shipping: $79
  • Total: $532

  • 20’ x 10’ Frame: $358, Skin: $422, Shipping: $99
  • Total: $879