Borderless System Design Inspirations

View of stage with Borderless System Design

Forget conventional canvases. It’s time to shatter expectations and unlock boundless creativity with Borderless Systems—your gateway to limitless possibilities in projection and graphic display.

Our customers aren’t just pushing boundaries, they’re redefining them. See how they’re transforming ordinary spaces into immersive experiences that captivate audiences and defy expectations.


  • Projection screens that curve, twist, and bend to your every whim, creating visual masterpieces that defy the laws of geometry.
  • Graphic panels that explode with vibrant colors and captivating imagery, drawing guests into a world of boundless imagination.
  • Custom shapes and sizes that seamlessly blend with your venue’s architecture, forging a harmonious symphony of design and function.
  • Solid-color skins that whisper elegance or shout bold statements, effortlessly adapting to any aesthetic vision.
  • Interchangeable projection screens and graphic panels that empower you to transform your space with a single touch, unleashing a kaleidoscope of possibilities.

Built with unparalleled versatility and resilience, Borderless Systems adapt to your evolving needs with ease. Extend your canvas, re-skin your frame, and create new dimensions of visual storytelling—all with the confidence of a system that’s built tough to endure.

Ready to unleash the extraordinary? Reach out for a custom quote today and let’s transcend the boundaries of what’s possible, together.