Festival Truss Designs

Arial View Of Festival Truss Designs

Unchain Your Imagination: Transform Your Events with Covered Truss!

Think your truss is just for lights and speakers? Think again! Unleash the creative hero within and unlock endless possibilities with covered truss. Stop being limited by budget woes and unleash a world of edgy, impactful activations, stages, and festival signage.

Why Covered Truss? It’s the Budget-Conscious Game-Changer:

  • Maximize existing resources: Stretch your budget by repurposing your existing truss inventory. Get creative and avoid costly rentals!
  • Ditch the design limitations: Escape the confines of traditional event elements and explore groundbreaking, eye-catching concepts.
  • Go bold, go bright, go YOU: Express your brand identity with stunning solid colors, realistic textures, or personalized prints. Make your event truly unique!

Covered Truss: The Hottest Trend in Live Events (and for Good Reason):

  • Transform any space: Turn ordinary truss into eye-catching centerpieces, immersive activations, or dynamic signage. Create a truly unforgettable experience.
  • Boost brand impact: Make your clients’ logo come alive with custom printed covers that scream individuality. Stand out from the crowd and leave a lasting impression.
  • Go beyond ordinary: Ditch the generic stage backdrop and create a mesmerizing canvas for your event experience. Push the boundaries and impress your audience.

Ready to break the mold? Browse our inspiration gallery and discover how covered truss can transform your next event into a showstopper. Don’t let your budget hold you back – embrace the power of covered truss and become the creative hero you were meant to be!

Browse Inspiration Gallery & Unleash Your Creativity!

Arial View Of Festival Truss Designs
Printed Stretch Fabric Covering Tiered Arch TrussArchway Covers
  • Create a tiered archway like in the image that funnels festival goers into the experience
  • Build a stage under and arch or two and use arches for lighting mounts
  • Use same size arches in a series to give a tunnel like effect
  • Light arches internally and control them to give chasing or swirling effects
Printed Stretch Fabric Wrapped Around Entry TrussEntrance Banners
  • Leave behind the old vinyl banner and replace it with the clean presence of wrinkle-free stretch fabric
  • Let us provide the ultimate entry banners that are fully customizable to your desired width and height up to 30′ wide spans
  • Custom branded banners with festival theme or directional signage
Stretch Fabric Printed With Festival Wayfinder Information Wrapped Around TrussWayfinders
  • Cover truss uprights with printed pull over covers as wayfinders
  • Print area names on wayfinders or add corporate sponsors logos
  • Customize wayfinders with the event’s aesthetic
  • Wayfinders can work on 12″ or 20.5″ box truss and be as tall as 15′ with correct ballasting

Borderless Projection Screen Stage BackdropsCreative Lineup Banners
  • Use a truss frame to create the ultimate lineup banner
  • Mount on either side of the 12″ box frame for a double sided experience
Borderless Projection Screen Stage BackdropsTruss Grid Shade Structures
  • Build nearly any size shade structure by using a truss grid as the base
  • Layer panels as shown or lay them out flat
  • Design & installation available
Borderless Projection Screen Stage BackdropsPinwheel Shade Structures
  • Build circular shade systems up to 120′ in diameter
  • Choose from a variety of color to build dynamic patterns
  • Design & installation available