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Quick Walls are one of our most loved products due to their versatility, quick set up time, and quality. We’ve designed these walls to be portable, modern, easy to set up, and capable of high-resolution print. They also have a stout and unwavering frame that’s unmatched. All things considered, it’s the perfect solution for any event. From a chroma key green screen to a massive custom printed fabric backdrop, our Quick Walls can be designed for a variety of needs that are in high demand for today’s live-event industry.

Public Speaker In Front Of Stage Backdrop

What’s A Quick Wall?

  • Simply a well-built fabric wall that sets up fast. Simple concept, right? We think so too
  • Make beautiful branded backdrops
  • Use as a modern room divider
  • Perfect as a front projection surface
Start your project now:
Start your project now:
White Backdrop Against Black Backdrop

Our Frames Are Multipurpose!

  • Use your Quick Wall frame for a printed backdrop, projection screen, lit with stage lighting, green screen, or a solid color backdrop.
  • Tired of being let-down by frames that were either flimsy and cheap or overbuilt and costly? We were too! Our frames are strong, stable, & priced to impress
  • Made with hefty 2″ diameter aluminum tube
  • Comes with heavy-duty 18″ x 18′ black powder-coated steel base plates
  • Breaks down to segments under 8′ long

Pricing PRINTED Quick Walls

  • Display your message in full-color print
  • Dye sublimation printed on Universal Stretch fabric
  • Need help with graphics? We’ve got you covered
  • Ships in 8 business days or get it rushed
  • Just a few EXAMPLE sizes to demonstrate all-inclusive PRINTED cost (fabric, printing, proof, frame, and ground shipping):
    • Example 1: 8’x8′ is $1,249
    • Example 2: 10’x10′ $1,710
    • Example 3: 20’x10′ is $2,785
    • Example 4: 30’x10′ is $3,885
    • These are just examples! Available 6′-60′ wide x 6′-12′ tall, request a quote
Actors In Front Of Branded Printed Backdrop

NEW! Double Sided Quick Walls

  • At Stretch Shapes, our focus is on our clients. You asked, and we listened!
  • This new solution leverages our industry-leading Quick Walls to develop double-sided displays that prioritize simplicity and efficiency
  • Built with an all new pillowcase-style skin that’s seamless on both sides
  • Allows for perfect all over printing for immersive environments
  • A light blocking liner is available
Double-sided Quick Walls

Quick Walls as Partitions

  • Forget pipe and drape systems, use Quick Walls as partitions
  • Room dividers, VIP stalls, pop up churches and more
  • New baseplate system allows multiple walls to intersect
  • Created 90° corners, T-intersections, or linear connections
  • It’s never been easier or faster to define elegant spaces
Actors In Front Of Branded Printed Backdrop

Stock Color Pricing

  • Black, white, or 17 other colors available
  • Backdrop, room divider, projection screen, or green screen
  • These are example sizes to demonstrate all-inclusive stock color cost (fabric, frame, and ground shipping):
    • Example 1: 8’x8′ is $757
    • Example 2: 10’x10′ is $985
    • Example 3: 20’x10′ is $1,600
    • Example 4: 30’x10′ is $2,245
    • Available a wide range of size options 6′-60′ wide x 6′-12′ tall, request a quote
Start your project now:
Start your project now:
Green Screen Backdrops

Curve Your Quick Wall!

  • Curve any Quick Wall by simply pivoting the ends
  • Perfect for curved projection screens on a budget
  • Easily create immersive printed graphic experiences
  • Create a green screen that wraps your focus point
  • Need to level up to a pro AV curved solution? Check out our Curved Borderless Projection Screens, and Borderless Graphic Panels
5 Holiday Themed Quick Wall Stage Backdrops

Fast & Easy Setup

  • We wouldn’t call it a Quick Wall if it wasn’t quick to set up!
  • Engineered for fast setup/strike
  • Small walls can go up in less than 10 minutes with 2 people
  • Large walls can go up in 20 minutes with 1 person per upright pole
  • Check out our video of the setup
  • Need help? We are here to walk you through it
Custom Printed Backdrop Of Abstract Technology

Light-Blocking Lined Quick Walls

  • Light blocking liners are perfect for reducing the light pass-through
  • Drastically improves print contrast and color
  • Add a light blocking liner to white fabric to achieve a front projection screen with 1.04 gain
  • Ask your Relationship Manager about upgrading to the light blocking liner!
Back, Side, And Front Views Of Light Blocking Fabric Wall

Quick Lead Times & Easy Ordering

Stage Backdrop Wall Covered In Stretch Fabric With Branded Dye-Sublimation Printing

Additional Info

What can you use a Quick Wall for?

With a variety of functions, the sky is the limit when it comes to using your Quick Wall. You can order Quick Walls in bright white or 17 other vivid colors. Or, many people print logos and artwork to create a custom media wall using our dye sublimation printing option. Whether you choose a wall in a solid color or opt for a printed fabric wall, you’ll find plenty of ways to use your new Quick Wall. Here are some great ideas using Quick Walls as a plain or printed fabric wall.

Typical Quick Wall Uses:

  • Event Walls
  • Social Media Walls For Events
  • Event Photo Walls
  • Stage Backdrops
  • Pop-Up Churches
  • Church Displays
  • Logo Backdrops
  • Concert Stage Backdrops
  • Event Media Walls
  • Product Launches
  • Office Partitions
  • Trade Show Booth Walls
  • Pop-Up Photo Backdrops
  • Temporary Church Walls
  • Summit Backdrops
  • Pop-up Presentation Backdrops
  • Printed Sponsorship Fabric Wall
  • Room Dividers or Partitions
  • Press Conference Backdrops
  • Custom Stage Backdrops
  • Theatre Backdrops
  • Quick Build Rooms
  • Restaurant Partitions
  • Live Social Media Walls
  • Photo Walls for Events
  • Church Backdrops
  • Pop-Up Displays
  • VIP Areas
  • Trade Show Booth Designs
  • Beer Garden Walls
  • Church Stage Backdrops
  • Portable Stage Backdrops
  • Custom Step & Repeat Backdrops
  • Retail Design
  • Green Screens
  • Church Room Dividers
  • Church Partitions
  • Stage Walls

We also have clients who use Quick Walls as a projection wall. If projection isn’t your forte, simply add lighting to your white Quick Wall for brilliant effects. Simply put, Quick Walls are a revolutionary product that can be used for multiple events including but not limited to trade shows, press conferences, weddings, summits, conferences, expositions, talk shows, presentations, workspaces, church events and more.


Quick Walls, otherwise known as a stretch wall, start at 6′ wide and increase by 1′ increments up to 40′ wide. The max height of any size Quick Wall is 12′. Keep in mind that all Quick Walls under 10′ in height will be completely seamless regardless of the length. If your wall exceeds 10′ in height, it will have a seam. Each stretch fabric wall is made with pole pockets to incorporate our framing system.


Each frame for our Quick Walls is manufactured specifically to the size ordered. We’ve revolutionized the run-of-the-mill Pipe and Base system to be specific to our application and stretch fabric. This allows us to create many different variations in size and use for these pop-up display walls.

We’re always looking to improve our Pipe and Base frames, otherwise known as Pipe and Drape. This is how we decided to tackle the task of eliminating the pesky tops of the upright poles that tend to peak out with the older Pipe and Base frames. To improve this, the top horizontal bars now attach to a “Flat Top” style fitting on the top of the upright poles eliminating the tops of vertical bars from showing. The Flat Top fittings create a flush wall, thus removing any visual distraction and giving these walls a look of perfection.

Standard frames are made with 2″ anodized aluminum tube and appropriately sized base plates are also included in your Quick Wall order.

Dye Sublimation Printing

We’ve been printing onto stretch fabric for over a decade now and have perfected our stretch ratios to ensure your printed fabric wall looks flawless when installed with no wrinkles and precise alignment. Whether it’s a step and repeat backdrop or a custom branded event backdrop, our team of designers is ready to turn your artwork into a printed work of perfection.

Before printing your stretch fabric, we will require your approval to ensure accuracy and to make sure you’re getting exactly what you want. Your Stretch Shapes representative will provide an accurate digital mockup that will showcase your artwork as it will be printed on the Quick Wall fabric backdrop.

Please review our graphic requirements before sending us your artwork and note that a standard artwork approval fee will be required. Using our state-of-the-art dye-sublimation printers, we’re able to print at 150 dpi, which is extremely high for dye-sub printing. This allows you to achieve rich, photo-realistic prints onto your Quick Wall scrim. We can also do Pantone color matching upon request.

Need design assistance? Our team is here to help with any graphic design help you may need.

Premium Universal Stretch Fabric

We manufacture our Quick Walls with premium stain-resistant Universal Stretch Fabric with an optional light blocking liner. These stretch fabric walls are inherently flame retardant (IFR) and are engineered for durability, safety, and high-performance stretch. Our fabric is 90% polyester and 10% spandex. We use our specially calculated stretch ratios to ensure your Quick Wall skin looks magnificent and your print is flawless, regardless of the size. For the ultimate light-reducing capabilities, just reach out to your Relationship Manager to add a light blocking liner.

Ordering a Quick Wall

You’re unique and so is your order. To purchase a Quick Wall for your next event, please contact our sales department via our toll-free number or use our custom quote system. Your relationship manager will be in contact with you every step of the way leading up to your event to answer any questions you may have.

Stretch Shapes can turn any size order of Quick Walls around within 12 business days at max. Need it sooner than 12 business days? No problem! Check out our rush options to see which one works best for you.

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