Outdoor Activation – 
Design Inspiration for 2024

View of The Entrance To An Outdoor Festival Made Of Truss Covered With High Performance Outdoor Stretch Fabric Printed With The Stretch Shapes Logo

Discover the future of brand activations and event experiences with our cutting-edge Outdoor Activation Designs for 2024. Elevate your clients’ next event by capturing maximum audience attention and providing a premium experience that captivates like no other.

Through relentless innovation we’ve combined Shade Structures, Truss Banners, and Truss Covers, using the trussing you’re already familiar with. This fusion creates eye-catching activation spaces that draw inspiration from the vibrant world of festivals and events.

Our designs distinguish themselves through the use of a new UV safe Outdoor Stretch Fabric (OSF), a first in the industry and exclusive to Stretch Shapes.

  • Maximize audience engagement at events
  • Innovative use of Shade Structures, Truss Banners, and Truss Covers
  • Sleek, wrinkle-free Truss Banners made from durable Outdoor Stretch Fabric (OSF)
  • Long-lasting materials designed to withstand outdoor conditions

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