Truss Covers

Looking to order beautifully crafted Truss Covers for your next event? Trust Stretch Shapes, the nation’s #1 leading supplier of premium Truss Covers, to deliver on time and exactly to your specification. We put care into what we do and guarantee our covers setup wrinkle free, have a perfect fit and stay in place securely every time. Available in pull over style that works like a sock or hook & loop closure that wraps around the perimeter.  We also sell it by the cuttable roll for large jobs with variable coverage needs. Purchase popular stock sizes in black or white that ship the same day or order custom lengths/colors for sale by the foot. Made from IFR Trapeze Plus® high performance stretch fabric that thoroughly masks trussing or lights up bright when lit with an internal LED. Join the nation’s leading AV companies and discover what a big difference working with well-crafted Truss Covers makes.



Hook and Loop Truss Covers

Covers wrap around perimeter
and close with hook & loop.


Truss Cover Rolls

Cover straight segments or circle trussing
by cutting your desired length.